How Can we Have an Amazing, Magical Harry Potter Wedding?

For all the RECENTLY ENGAGED COUPLES OUT THERE WHO ARE Harry Potter’s Wizarding World fans!

As super fans of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, we thought we would write and share this blog in time to celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday this year on 31st July. As harpists and vocalists of 2 of harps, we are truly passionate about helping you to create the ‘best day ever’ with the right music to suit your theme and if you are planning on introducing a bit of wizardry into your wedding, boy do we want to be there! 

Assuming you have watched the Harry Potter films, you will know that the film score is stunning and emotive. But imagine watching one of the films without the music… It just wouldn’t feel right. It’s not only the script, characters and computer-generated imagery, (CGI), that totally make the films, but the cinematic music that brings everything together and highlights each emotion as the scenes unfold on the screen. 

In a way your wedding day is just like a movie but in real life and if you are planning on a Harry Potter themed or styled wedding, the music is an integral part. Say ‘alohamora’ and unlock the door to an inspiring, spellbinding and creative Wizarding World of your Harry Potter wedding. 

Here is some pretty and wickedly cool inspiration for your Harry Potter themed wedding. 

Oh, and by the way we’re both sorted into Slytherin (although I think we sort of ‘chose’ the house, and not the other way around. What house are you sorted into? If you’re a mere muggle (also called no-maj in the Fantastic Beasts series spinoff) you should really take this sorting hat quiz before you continue reading further. https://www.playbuzz.com/emilyz14/the-hogwarts-sorting-quiz-pottermore-version A muggle who wants a Harry Potter Wedding? Sorry, we would have to give it some serious consideration.

How Do I Include Music in My Harry Potter Themed Wedding?

Not only is the filmography of the Harry Potter films spectacular, but did you know the much-loved series also comes complete with an entire score of magical music? But, unlike in the Wizarding World, where a simple charm can make instruments play themselves, you do actually have to book a live musician, (such as a harpist), to perform the music for your wedding. 

Here are just a few ideas about how to make the Harry Potter score the soundtrack to YOUR wedding day.  

Film music on the harps sounds romantic and magical, just like the harp in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. So, it’s no wonder we both have a favourite Harry Potter duet to perform on two harps. ‘Harry in Winter’ is at the top of our list. It’s such a beautiful tune and creates a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. But you:

  • could choose to add a few of the Harry Potter music pieces to your ceremony music playlist
  • can theme your drinks reception and/or wedding music around ‘movie magic’ and include some of the most popular Harry Potter tracks 
  • may want to look at music inspired by the Harry Potter films and include songs by bands like ‘Harry and the Potters’ and ‘Remus and The Lupins’
  • could pick one of your favourite Harry Potter tunes and book a musician to perform it live at a special moment during your big day.

What Harry Potter Music Can I include in my Wedding? 

There are many different parts to your wedding ceremony alone. It’s the perfect time to book a harpist and entertain your guests with an exciting Harry Potter inspired music playlist as they arrive and take their seats, as you walk down the aisle, while signing the registrar and there is that great moment after you have said yes and you walk down the aisle celebrating your happy union! 

You could even ask your harpist to dress to match the theme. We LOVE harry Potter inspired fashion! Who can resist a robe from their house?

What Is the Best Harry Potter music for the seating of your guests?

About half an hour to an hour before you are ready for the big moment, walking down the aisle, your muggle and wizard guests will begin arriving at your wedding ceremony venue or church. Whilst they find their seats and wait for the ceremony, it’s a lovely touch to have live music. It can really help to lift the atmosphere (especially if either of you are nervous!) as it can create a relaxed ambiance.  Here are our top three Harry Potter music choices for the seating of your guests:

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music For Walking Down The aisle?

If you’ve always dreamt of your ceremony entrance to the Harry Potter film score, we’ve picked three elegant songs which sound wonderful on the harp and are perfect for your walking down the aisle moment: 

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music for the Signing of the Register?

Once you have both said your unbreakable vows, a binding magical contract, you will need to sign the muggle register, (or certificate if you are having a celebrant led wedding). This can sometimes take up to ten minutes, which can seem like a long time for guests, especially if you have invited children.  Sadly, the Weasley twins Fred and George won’t be there to entertain everyone, but a musician can! 

We would recommend for you to choose two or three pieces you really love and ask your musician to perform them. Acoustic covers played on the harp work well because they are recognisable but not too distracting as you sign the official register, have the paperwork witnessed and have your photos taken:

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music for Your Exit? 

As you walk back down the aisle, now a married couple, your family and friends will cheer and clap. But best not to use the cheering charm, as you don’t want your guests to be overcome with fits of hysterical laughter, like Harry in his third-year exams. So here are some epic tunes from the Harry Potter films to bring that vibrant, upbeat and happy atmospheric celebratory moment:

As an aside did you know that there were six couples who actually tied the knot in Harry Potter?

  1. Harry and Ginny
  2. Ron and Hermione
  3. Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander
  4. Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott
  5. Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass
  6. George Weasley and Angelina Johnson

Other couples in the films include:

  • James and Lily Potter
  • Arthur and Molly Weasley
  • Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy 
  • Vernon and Petunia Dursley
  • Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott
  • Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music for Your Drinks Reception?

You may decide to introduce some other genres of music as you and your wedding guests enjoy drinks and canapés? You could look at other music by the composers who wrote the Harry Potter Film Score; Patrick Doyle, John Williams, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplate. This type of acoustic and instrumental music sounds cinematic and gentle played on the harp.  

But, as we are Harry ‘Pottering’, why not include some actual Harry Potter tracks to keep the magic theme flowing throughout the wedding day? Here are some perfect options to include in your music playlist:

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music for Your Wedding Breakfast (Meal)?

Live harp music for your wedding breakfast, your first meal as a married couple, (obviously Hogwarts banquet style), adds something different and is a special touch. You can ask your harpist or musician to play music from the Harry Potter film score, or other cinematic instrumental covers that suit your Wizarding World inspired wedding. Here are just a few suggestions:

What Is the Best Harry Potter Music for the First Dance? 

Whether you plan to choreograph a fast-paced dance routine, (see our first suggestion), or prefer a slower dance option, the Harry Potter film score has got you covered! A first dance is a traditional part of your wedding day, but why not change it up and opt for live harp music as you show off your moves on the dance floor?

How Else Can We Make Our Harry Potter Wedding More Magical?

Karina said, “As a Harry Potter super fan and obviously a wizard living in the muggle world, I not only collect all things Harry Potter, but also love finding some brilliant wedding ideas. Because when I eventually get married, I plan to have the BEST Harry Potter wedding ever! These tips and inspiration are some of my favourite wedding ideas. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!”


What: Harry Potter themed confetti? 

How: Cut up pages of one of the books 

When: As you walk back down the wedding aisle together, or for your confetti shot with your photographer.

Wedding Favours

What: Potion Bottles? 

How: Place cordial in small glass bottles with labels which guests can enjoy during the meal or at home.

When: You could place these at each table setting, or for a more informal approach, put them in a trunk or old suitcase on top of some scrunched up velvet or straw.  


What: Real owls at your wedding?

How: – hire an owl for your wedding day https://www.joesbows.co.uk 

When: You could have an owl deliver your rings during the ceremony, or have owls during your drinks reception for guests to admire. A touch of Hedwig for your big day.


What: So your guests don’t go thirsty and need to use the ‘aguamente’ charm, did you know you can make your own butterbeer? 

How: You can use these DIY recipes https://wizardingworldpark.com/butterbeer-recipes/

When: During the drinks reception. As a serving suggestion, why not have a stall set up complete with a cauldron, ‘tankards’ and bottles with Harry Potter drinks labels as decoration? Blood of a Unicorn, Felix Felicis, Pollyjuice Potion and Pumpkin Juice….etc

Mini Trend  

What: DIY Temporary Harry Potter tattoos stall?

How: Find out everything you need to know about this new mini trend with this blog from Bridal Musings https://bridalmusings.com/64284/mini-trend-alert-temporary-tattoos-wedding/. Death eater mark anyone? 

When: This is a great way to entertain guests during the drinks reception whilst you’re having your photos taken or in that ‘down time’, after dinner when you go off with your photographer for your more intimate shots. 

Wedding Invites

What: Imagine receiving a Harry Potter themed invitation to a wedding. Pretty cool, right? 

How: You could adapt Harry’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts by changing the original to your wedding venue, and adding the time, date, dress code etc. within the letter itself. Or if you want to make your invites extra special, why not use invisible ink to hide some of the key information, so your guests have to use the ‘aparecium’ charm, (or shine a light), to reveal the wedding venue and date! 

When: A perfect RSVP for your wedding guests, but can also double up as a keepsake. 


What: Transport you and your wedding guests in style to your venue in a classic London bus – but don’t forget to check with your venue before booking. 

How: You could include a Hogwarts Express themed ticket to ‘allow admission’! 

When: You could hire a classic red London double decker bus to pick everyone up from an arranged location and take them to the venue. Plus, if you’re holding your ceremony in a church/other venue, this makes it easier for guests during the day and takes away the hassle of parking. 

More Magical Harry Potter wedding Inspiration

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We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and if you didn’t already, now know what house you belong in. If you’d like to have a chat about your Harry Potter wedding music, feel free to send us an owl. Or, if you’re a muggle, you can send us a message HERE. https://2ofharps.com/contact/ 


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