HARPCAST: a musical podcast [S2 Ep1] How Can We Have An Amazing, Magical Harry Potter Wedding?

In a way your wedding day is just like a movie but in real life and if you are planning on a Harry Potter themed or styled wedding, the music is an integral part. Say ‘alohamora’ and unlock the door to an inspiring, spellbinding and creative Wizarding World of your Harry Potter wedding with our new episode of Harpcast: a musical podcast.

We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast and if you didn’t already, you now find out what house you belong in. If you’d like to have a chat about your Harry Potter wedding music, feel free to send us an owl. Or, if you’re a muggle, you can send us a message HERE. https://2ofharps.com/contact/ 

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Header image kindly supplied by by Rae Tian.

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