Adel Wilson – Multi-award Winning Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Harpist

Adel began playing the harp at the age of ten, when living on the small island of Scalpay in Scotland, where she attended her first harp workshop with the acclaimed ‘Scottish harper’ Rachel Hair. She was greatly inspired by the Hebridean traditions and Scottish way of life and this influenced her style of music.

She enjoys her work as a professional vocalist and harpist. As a musician, Adel began playing at local weddings and intimate charity events. Her music and performances have led to her performing internationally and being recommended at some of the most prestigious wedding and event venues in Lincolnshire, and across the UK and abroad. 

Adel has a passion for composing and songwriting.  Her style can be described as alternative. She finds it exciting to mix genres together and experiment with sound. For her, the harp “has always been a classical instrument. But it’s good to think outside the box and break those boundaries”.

In 2018 she recorded her first original album ‘Moving On’, after previously self-releasing four cover albums. The sound and inspiration for this album was drawn from Adel’s memories of Scotland. In 2019, she recorded ‘Twilight’, a cover album composed of twelve tracks. Inspired by the sound of the acoustic guitar, this stripped back album is comprised solely harp and vocal recordings.

She is currently writing a new album with Karina, her sister, which focuses on life, vulnerability and storytelling. The new album sound is a fusion of pop, folk and indie.

Karina Wilson – Multi-award Winning Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Harpist

Karina began playing the harp when she was seven, taking inspiration from contemporary music which later influenced her playing and writing style. She has always enjoyed exploring new techniques, some of which she has developed during her experimental playing.

She has worked as a professional singer and harpist from a young age. She enjoys performing live, at corporate events, weddings and product launches at prestigious venues nationwide. 

Karina has always had a flare for composing music; her skill for creating accompaniments on the harp for the voice is a true talent.  She uses a modern alternative style as inspiration for her writing and draws on her love of Jazz and Blues for rhythmic inspiration.

In 2018 she recorded an original album ‘Moving On’, after previously self-releasing four cover albums. This album was inspired by memories of Karina’s childhood in Scotland and pays homage to the Celtic traditions. In 2019, she recorded ‘Twilight’, a cover album composed of twelve tracks. Inspired by the sound of the acoustic guitar, this stripped back album is comprised solely harp and vocal recordings.

She is currently writing a new album with her sister Adel, inspired by true life events, personal issues and storytelling. The new album sound is a fusion of pop, folk and indie.

Multi-Award Winning

Our Awards

Adel and Karina are both Associates of the Royal Schools of Music and have a diploma in music, including singing and piano.

2 of Harps were the Regional Winners and the National Winner in The Wedding Business Awards 2020 for ‘Musical Act’.

2 of Harps won the prestigious ‘Wedding Entertainment Ceremony/ Breakfast Music’ Category at the Kent Wedding Awards 2020.

They won Silver and Gold at the ‘Unique Art Awards 2016’ for their music compositions. 

2 of Harps were winners of The Duke of Gloucester’s Volunteer Award for Innovative Volunteering 2015, bringing music to the community. 

Proud to be members of the Festival Brides

Proud to be members of the Musicians’ Union

Proud to be members of the Association of British Wedding Businesses

Proud to be members of Rock My Wedding

Proud to be members of Pretty and Punk

Proud to be members of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Proud to be members of Bridebook

Our Team

Janet, 2 of Harps Manager

Janet Wilson, manager for 2 of harps holding an iPhone

One of the most exciting aspects of working as Adel and Karina’s Manager, is that every day brings something exciting and different, that I get to share both professionally and personally. 

In order to be a good music manager to the girls, I organise, book and co-ordinate every aspect of every event in Lincolnshire, the UK or internationally.  

I’m told that I’m excellent with people, professional at all times and approachable.  I also have a good understanding of the music, wedding and event industries. I am an expert in weddings and have supported our couples throughout the whole wedding process with my vast amount of knowledge, dealing with all sorts of situations! I have been described as a ‘go-to’ for advice.

My drive, determination and passion come about from my love for music, weddings and events and guiding the girl’s professional career.  Whether it’s talking to clients, seeing and hearing the duo perform, listening to their tracks, and receiving all of the amazing compliments, both on the day and post event, is what makes my job so special – I love it all. 

After all, it’s not everyday someone can sit and listen to live harp music, spending time with my girls, whilst doing paperwork!

My favourite music genres are contemporary classical, light opera and new age music.

Our Harps

2 of Harps perform with Mark Norris Harps

Mark Norris ‘Mini 27 String’ Harps

The small harps still capture the elegance and traditional feel of the small ‘lever harp’ or ‘Clarsach’, but are specially customised and designed for a wide range of performing venues.  The quality of the instrument cannot be equaled, with a carbon core, the overall sound of the harp is also enhanced.

These harps are also electro-acoustic, meaning they can be plugged into any amplifier, mixer or PA system without losing the natural, resonant sound of the harp.

These harps are ideal for intimate events, outdoors, and at larger scale events where a PA system would be used such as on stage e.g. festivals.

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