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2 of Harps and how their hometown Folkestone in Kent inspires them musically

On the Kent coast, Folkestone is home to Karina and Adel, 2 of Harps, and has provided inspiration for their music for many years and continues to inspire up and coming musicians and artists.  Folkestone has a reputation for being such a creative place to live and work. It even has its own ‘Creative Quarter’,… Continue reading 2 of Harps and how their hometown Folkestone in Kent inspires them musically


Harpcast [S2 Ep4] Music for a Scottish Castle Wedding

The harp is a seamless fit with castles because both have a long history that is entwined. Nobility such as Mary Queen of Scots enjoyed the melodious tones of the harp and other historic instruments during their stays in castles throughout their reign. Harps have been depicted and symbolised in tapestries and paintings for centuries.


Can a Harpist play anything other than classical music for my wedding ceremony?

The music you choose, whilst your guests are being seated and waiting for your arrival, can create a memorable experience and gives you an opportunity to curate an absolutely personalised playlist. It’s a great opportunity to show how much time and thought you have put into planning your big day. Choosing music that is personal to you is important, because you will know what tempo and vibe your guests will experience. 


Harpcast: S2 Ep3 ‘My Piano Journey’

Our new podcast... You won’t be surprised to read that the piano is a very important instrument in the music world as it is one of the oldest and most versatile instruments.  It’s used for performing jazz, classical music, pop songs, and many other genres.  However, what might surprise you is that we (Karina and Adel) both began playing the piano several years after taking up the harp. #podcast #musicpodcast #singersongwriter #harp #harpist #duo #duet #piano #pianist #inspiration