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Where can I find background music for my video?

Whether your company or business is small or large, specialising in the Service Industry, Merchandising, Manufacturing or a niche market, your commercial video will need the best background music to make it stand out. 

A great musical soundtrack is crucial to the success of any video.  Choosing the right music should be simple, but in fact matching music to picture is a bit of an art.  But as composers we can write or record music specifically for your video.  This approach is by far the most successful, as we can better the mood and allow for pace changes.  

How do I find the perfect background music for my video?

When picking the perfect background music for your video, here are some things you should consider:

What you’re using the background track music for. Commercial Advertising Background Music can be used across a range of platforms including your website, social media, radio and TV etc. 

How you want your business or company to be represented for instance a company specialising in holiday travel will need something upbeat, vibrant and fun, whilst a business dealing with finance would suit a more formal feel with classical elements. 

Whether you would prefer to use one of many background tracks from the 2 of Harps sound library?

If you would like a background music track written specially for your business or company video? By using original music, only your business or company will be able to use the music for advertising, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

If you’re using background music from either our sound library, or a ‘stock’ website, you will need to consider licensing, even if you have ‘purchased’ the track. Licensing is different when purchasing an original music track, which has been written for your business or company. Please ask us if you need more information about licensing.

How can 2 of Harps help you?

At 2 of Harps we can help your business by:

  • Providing you with tracks to purchase from our sound library
  • Writing tracks to your company’s/business’ specifications. 
  • Helping and guiding you to make your own company’s/business’ track.
  • Providing jingles written specifically for your company/business. 
  • Advising you about licensing.

What instruments can 2 of Harps use for recordings:

At 2 of Harps we can also provide your brand identity or logo music for social media platforms, as we can sing and play several instruments:

  • Harps
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Synth pads
  • A mixture of the above

A personal jingle for a local business ‘She Drives’.

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