How do I make a personal playlist for my wedding day?

Why should I choose all the music for my special day?

Being able to put together personal playlists ensures that you are able to have songs that are meaningful to you and your family and friends.  It really can give your day a personal touch as you know that every track is a song that someone in your wedding guest list will like and can be a surprise for them.

Despite it being a long job it can be a fun process that everyone can get involved in and contribute a bit to.  It is definitely worth the time and effort as it ensures that no embarrassing or inappropriate songs are played at your day.  Tailoring to your tastes and your guests’ musical preferences adds that extra special touch that a generalised playlist cannot beat.   

Where do I start with planning the music for my wedding day?

Thinking about the type of music that you both like as a couple is a great place to start; this will give you the foundation to your planning.  Finding songs that are special to you both can start building up your list.  This could be the song that was playing when you met, your engagement song or a song that you sing along to together in the car.  Anything goes!

Then move on to tracks that you like individually this could be from films, pop songs, instrumentals or even video games.  If it is a song that one of you dislikes then you can put it in a part of the wedding where it is less focused such as the drinks reception or the seating of the guests.  

After this, the remainder of the tunes should favourites of family and friends so they feel included in the music choices throughout the day.  Make sure to have the different genres spaced out so it sounds well put together and thought about. Maybe think about including a couple of tracks that your younger guests will recognise such as Disney hits.  

If you are stuck for ideas then here are some blog with music for all types of couples for every part of your wedding day 

What type of music should I have for the seating of the guests?

The seating of the guests should be a relaxing playlist to put everyone at ease before the ceremony begins.  This is where you should put your instrumental tracks; these could include contemporary classical tracks from artists such as Yiruma and Ludovico Einaudi.  Including instrumental film score music is another great option to have the relaxing and classy environment that the seating of the guests should have.  

Another extra-personal option for your seating of the guests and to let your partner know that the ceremony is about to start is a trigger song.  This is usually placed as the last track on the playlist before you or your partner walks down the aisle.  This should be a track that both of you know and love that helps with building up the anticipation for the big moment. 

Which song should I choose for walking up the aisle?

Walking up the aisle is such a special moment and one of the most important parts of your whole day.  At 2 of Harps we recommend that you choose a song that makes you feel great about that moment, whether it is a track that is really special to you or a traditional piece of music the choice is yours.  It can be either an instrumental or vocal cover of the song that you choose.  If you are not having live music then you can have the original track or a cover play you down the aisle.

If you cannot find the perfect track for you then browse the web for the best walking down the aisle songs, there are plenty of blogs out there to give you some inspiration.  And there is something for everyone in the different wedding blogsites. 

Here are some of the best for you to look through



How many songs should I have for the signing of the register or certificate?

If you are having live music for your wedding ceremony then we recommend that you have two tracks that you really want to hear.  The first track of these can be a vocal, the second track should be an instrumental cover as it can be extended or finished early depending on how long the signing of the register or certificate takes.

However if you are having recorded music during your ceremony then we recommend that you have three tracks ready to listen to.  This ensures that you don’t run out of music and have an awkward atmosphere whilst you guests are waiting for you.

What song should I have when exiting the ceremony area?

This is yet another important part of your day so the choice should be considered carefully.  We think that choosing your favourite upbeat track that you have as a couple is a great idea.  It should be a track that gets everyone’s mood lifted as they will be clapping and cheering for the newly-weds.  For this part of the ceremony can be especially hard to pick a track that feels perfect.  However again there are plenty of blogs and suggestions out there for couples to choose the track that is right for them.  Here are a few of the best blogs that we absolutely love – 

What type of music should I choose for the drinks reception?

The songs you choose for your drinks reception should be a mixture of styles and genres.  The pieces of music need to be songs that both of you and your guests will recognise and enjoy. This is important for either live or recorded music as it will add variety and personality to this part of your day.

This is especially important if you are having live music as it will be a source of entertainment for your guests whilst your photos and group photos are being taken.  Having a combination of styles such as show stoppers, pop, rock, and family favourites will create an effortless atmosphere boost. This will stop the guests getting bored whilst they are having their drinks and canapes. 

Which songs should I choose for the wedding breakfast?

If you are having live music for you wedding breakfast on an acoustic instrument such as the harp, we recommend choose easily recognisable music.  This can be a source of entertainment for your family and friends.  It can make the wedding breakfast’s atmosphere less dull and set everyone up for the party in the evening.  

However with recordings, choosing more laid back songs and acoustic covers of upbeat songs will prevent it from being too loud.  This means that it will be at a nice level for guests to talk over and prevents the relaxed atmosphere being spoilt by upbeat anthems; these should be saved for the party and dancing!  

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