Why hire a harpist for my wedding

When planning a wedding you might be surprised to learn, but music is a really important part of your wedding day, because it sets the tone, pace and makes a statement about what is special to you both.  And if you really want to make a statement live music can create a truly magical feel.

What is special about the harp and why include harpists on your wedding day?

Harps are one of the most romantic and beautiful sounding instruments, which fits perfectly with your wedding day.  It is a very versatile instrument, meaning it suits any theme, from contemporary, modern, industrial, alternative, boho, to an English garden wedding or Disney or fairytale woodland themed wedding.  It’s not only an elegant instrument, but to assure you, they are also easy to transport (as we have different sizes), so is great for every venue from a country barn to a majestic Scottish castle or even a festival wedding.  

Usually thought of as ultra-classical instruments, harps are being used in contemporary music more and more.  Believe us when we say, lots of genres of music sound beautiful on the harp, which means it is possible for us to learn a piece of music that has meaning to you both perhaps for an important moment, such as walking down the wedding aisle.  

A harpist can help to relax an environment and creates a positive atmosphere, this is ideal for your ceremony (especially if feeling a little nervous), drinks reception and wedding breakfast.  The harp is usually a common talking point for guests; and always proves to be a great icebreaker, as it relaxes guests perhaps who are meeting each other for the first time! 

It is not common for people to listen to live harp music, because it is often an instrument associated with luxury and special occasions, so they add that extra special touch.  It also might be the first time some of your younger guests have even seen a harp, a fantastic experience on the day and to capture on camera or increasingly video.

How will hiring a harpist make my wedding more special?

Your wedding day is a monumental moment in your lives – it is the time when you say the words “I Do” to each other and begin the rest of your life together as a married couple so you will probably want to make every second special and personal to you both. 

Harps are beautiful instruments and can be a sophisticated backdrop for when you are saying your vows to each other during your wedding ceremony.  Live music really is a great addition to any wedding and adds that extra special touch for you and your guests to enjoy. It is sometimes overlooked, but it is an essential part of your day as it gives your wedding the ‘wow factor’ that a CD or online playlists simply cannot achieve. 

Having a live harpist play your wedding music, that you have handpicked makes even more memories that will last a lifetime.  

Adel said, “We believe that live music is a vital part of your wedding day, so we LOVE helping you to create personalised playlist for each part of your wedding day, when we are performing.”  

Mr and Mrs Campbell said, “2 of Harps played at our wedding in August and we would highly recommend them. Lots of guests said how much they enjoyed listening to their music and it was a great addition to the ceremony giving it a lovely feel.”

Which part of my wedding should I hire a harpist for?

Karina answered, “Picking when to ask a harpist to play really depends on your budget and how much live music you want during your special day.   The most popular times that we play are during, the guest’s arrival, the wedding ceremony and drinks reception, but some also book us for the wedding breakfast to play to your guests during your meal.”  

Karina continued, “When you think about it, the ceremony is the most important aspect of the day, the legal part, and therefore should be the most memorable.  This means that you should consider hiring a harpist for this part of your wedding.  It sets the perfect scene for you when you walk down the aisle, during the signing of the register and the exit for both of you at the end of your ceremony”.  

A harpist can provide stunning background music for you and your guests whilst you are having your drinks, canapés and during the photographs.  Some guests tend to sit by the harps and listen to the music whilst sipping their drinks. It’s a beautiful way to get everyone relaxed after the ceremony.  

During the wedding breakfast, live harp music creates delicate background music. Guests often recognise the romantic songs that are being played and can comfortably talk over the harp, as the noise levels are just right. However, to assure you for outdoor music 2 of Harps have pick-ups in their harps so they can be amplified also handy for larger venues.

When should I book my harpist?

Adel said, “Being honest there is no wrong or right time to book a harpist.  This very much depends whether live music is one of your priorities on your special day and whether you have a preference as to what live music you book for your wedding, however we tend to get book up around 14 months before your wedding”.  Adel continued, “However we have had couples book us before they have even finalised booking their venue, or they sometimes book us at the same time as booking a photographer for the day.”  

Karina added, “We have also had some last-minute bookings where couples realise they hadn’t thought of hiring a harpist and vocal duo for their special day.  This can be risky as the harpist you want for your day may be already booked and it leaves little time for arranging music and fine details for your big day.” 

2 of Harps advise that booking earlier is better; as it means hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Mr and Mrs Ewbank said, “Janet [2 of Harps Manager] is so incredibly organised. She kept in constant communication to ensure I was 100% happy with all of my choices prior to the wedding, explained how the day would go and generally made me and my partner feel at ease.”

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