Why is live music better than recorded music for my wedding ceremony?

Why is live music better than recorded music for my wedding ceremony?

Why should I book live music for my wedding ceremony?

There are many reasons why live music supersedes recorded music during your wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day and the music should capture the special moment for you and your guests. Many people think of live music as an ‘add on’ for their wedding, however live music is essential as it creates a relaxed atmosphere and unforgettable memories for you and your guests. 

Live harp music can add that special ‘wow factor’.  By keeping the harpists, a secret until your wedding day, as guests enter the ceremony area, it can make for a wonderful surprise. A truly unique addition to your wedding day.  

Not only can live music be enjoyed by every age group, but having a musician performing at your event instead of recorded music ensures everything runs smoothly on the day.  If there is a delay for any reason, 2 of Harps will entertain your guests before the wedding ceremony begins meaning you do not have to worry about your music running out. 

Why do I need live music for when I walk down the aisle?

Walking down the aisle is a monumental moment for anyone, so why not make the music just as special as the moment itself? 

Although some couples opt for ‘free’ ways of playing music for their entrance song, using for example Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music or CDs etc. Sadly, the more affordable way of playing music for your wedding ceremony may not be such a bargain.  These cheaper options can be a huge hassle that can cause stress for both you and your venue staff.   Even when couples have thought they have downloaded their music, sometimes this is not the case, it can simply turn out that they have the wrong version.  And, at some venues, especially in rural locations the internet and WiFi connection can be poor, meaning that your music can be slow to download, or sticking or ‘buffering’ can occur.  Not something you want for your wedding ceremony. With so many different phone sockets, wires and adapters needed, it only takes one broken or forgotten wire to spoil your wedding music, whereas 2 of Harps can adapt and be flexible.

If you book live music, such as 2 of Harps, you won’t have to worry about WiFi, internet connection, putting the correct track on, CDs sticking and adverts interrupting your walk down the aisle or the rest of your ceremony. 

When booking 2 of Harps, timing is also something you will not have to worry about. Adel and Karina will work with you expertly to create the perfect music to fit the length of your walk down the aisle. After all, you don’t want to be worrying about counting footsteps to a song you have heard on YouTube.  

An additional feature of live music, which recorded music simply cannot reproduce, is the fact that your song will be truly unique.  At your one to one meeting, 2 of Harps will discuss your musical preferences. Which songs and styles you like. If you have a song in mind, they will be more than happy to look at arranging this for either two harps as a breathtaking instrumental piece, or an elegant vocal harmony and two harp duet.  Adel and Karina can also arrange your favourite song to suit the ambiance and your wedding theme and can perform it in a style that suits your ceremony. 

Whether you both love a club classic song, but imagine it sung slowed down in the tempo of a romantic ballad, or are looking for a music medley of traditional tunes that mean something to you. 2 of Harps can create a sound that is rich and full of emotion to capture the famous resonant sound of the harp, in a modern, alternative and contemporary style and performed uniquely for you.


What about music during the rest of the ceremony?

You can now imagine yourself walking down the aisle to the magic sound of the harp. But what about the rest of the ceremony, and is music necessary?

 Adel says, “It’s not only your aisle song music that’s important, but live music before and during the ceremony can make such a difference. Wedding guests can be waiting for your arrival anywhere from ten minutes, up to half an hour.  So, keeping your guests entertained is definitely a priority. Many brides take this opportunity to design a music playlist styled to their wedding theme (Disney, Blues & Jazz, Show Stoppers, Boho and Country Garden Wedding Playlists) which we love performing.”

Live music creates a common talking point between family and friends who may not have met before your wedding day. It can help to relax them, set the tone and can break the silence which can sometimes cause nervous energy before the ceremony, especially in large empty spaces such as churches.

Karina says, “The signing of the register (or certificate for celebrants led weddings) is when your guests are sitting and waiting for you and your witnesses to sign the register followed by photographs.   Harp music and singing can be a wonderful way to entertain your guests during this time. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, this helps to keep the ceremony organised and guests are less likely to leave their seats because they can watch the musical performance.”

Karina continues, “Because in most churches, the signing of the register takes place in a side chapel, it’s magical to have such a magnificent building filled with the mellow sound of the harps. It is truly lovely to have background music which you have chosen”.

Adel adds, “Some couples really struggle to find their perfect exit music (as you walk back down the aisle). Having your perfect exit song performed live is not only incredibly exciting but creates a positive vibe as everyone leaves the ceremony area.  We genuinely believe it’s not the same playing the same track on a loop.  Karina and I make sure we arrange each exit song with care, so all your guests have left the area before the music fades. It’s always a fantastic feeling as guests thank us on their way out, commenting and thanking us for the ‘lovely and beautiful’ music”.

Why choose 2 of Harps for our ceremony?

2 of Harps know that booking a musician for your wedding ceremony should not only be a positive experience, but also a personal one. So that is why they invite you to a pre-wedding meeting to get to know you and your music style for your big day. At the meeting you will be able to listen to live samples of their vocals and harp instrumentals, which will help you to decide on music for your entrance, signing of the register and exit.

For a wedding ceremony, 2 of Harps play a selection of music based on your personal preferences for the seating of the guests.  They will entertain your guests until you arrive, so if you are delayed there will still be music.

If you choose something special to you and 2 of Harps don’t have your song in their extensive repertoire of over 500 different pieces of music, they will learn it for you!  Adel says “We know it’s important to choose the perfect song for your entrance. That’s why we will guide you in the process and help you to choose your dream song. Whether this is a romantic ballad, an alternative rock cover, or something classic, it’s totally up to you.”

2 of Harps play your choice of music for the signing of the register and you can listen to the music whilst your photographs are taken.  For the exit they play the tune you have chosen.  This music carries on until all your guests have exited the ceremony area. 2 of Harps believe the exit song should be something crowd pleasing, uplifting with lyrics to suit your wedding theme that really celebrates the moment.

Karina says, “Many couples struggle to find their perfect exit song, but that’s why we’re here! We enjoy coming up with ideas and helping you find great songs you’ll absolutely love. Our one-to-one meeting is the perfect opportunity to be creative with your music choices and to curate your wedding music playlist with us.”

Karina and Adel concluded with, “We can’t wait to meet you and hopefully to share your big day” x 

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