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What great duet songs could be played at my wedding?

What great duet songs could be played at my wedding?

Recently we set about thinking about our unique selling point and what makes us different to other musical artists and in particular harpists. We totally loved the process, and this is what we came up with.  

Duets have been popular for many years, with classical musicians performing together, family duos and famous singers coming together to create something beautiful.  

For us being in a duo is really special, not only because we are sisters, but we also both sing and play the harp at the same time.  We love arranging all our instrumental music and songs into duets. This unique blend of music can evoke strong emotions, perfect for every type of event. 

It led us to have a fun, rainy day, sat on the carpet in our music studio with mum and dad’s old record player. We had the most entertaining time in ages, debating what are the best duet songs ever written, performed and why… 

When you sing covers of songs, it’s exciting to be able to go back and listen to some of the classics. It really inspired us to look at some of the best romantic duets. However, picking our favourite lyrics, from each song, was more difficult, because as you will soon hear, each one chosen has a special meaning and its own place on our list. We hope you will love them as much as we do. 

Our favourite duet songs perfect for your wedding day (in no particular order)…

They Can’t Take That Away From Me 

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sum up why a relationship is all about the little things in life. This simple, stripped back and quirky jazz duet takes you back to the era of the 50’s.  When choosing your wedding music playlist, it’s often an overlooked song, however it is stunning for the signing of the register, creating a relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests. 

“The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No, no, they can't take that away from me”

Listen to the original song here 

Up Where We Belong

Sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes (1982), the truthful lyrics and heartfelt melody line really speak to your soul. The simplicity of the first two lines sung by Jennifer, accompanied by just the piano, which builds to the harmonious chorus, makes the song a truly emotional one. Having won numerous awards this is a must have for any wedding music playlist, whether you prefer classic music, or a more modern couple, [Academy Award for Best Original SongGolden Globe Award for Best Original SongGrammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with VocalsBAFTA Best Original Song Written for a Film].

“Who knows what tomorrow brings
In a world few hearts survive
All I know is the way I feel
When it's real, I keep it alive”

Listen to the original song here 

I’ve Had The Time of my Life

A romantic duo song, mostly known for its feature in the cult film ‘Dirty Dancing’. This groovy, contemporary classic track was first released in 1987. It’s a must for couples looking to add the feel-good vibe to their first dance. 

“Now I've had the time of my life
No, I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth
And I owe it all to you”

Listen to the original song here 

When I Said I Do

One of our favourite country songs performed by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman in 1999. This song, with its warm harmonies has truthful lyrics, idyllic for a couple who want something meaningful for walking up the aisle. The simple melody line takes you to somewhere beautiful, imagine your first dance under the stars, that’s exactly the vibe we get when we listen and play this piece of music. 

“When I said I do, I meant that I will
Til' the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That's what I had in mind, when I said I do”

Listen to the original song here 

Beneath Your Beautiful

One of our personal favourites, this beautiful song is so touching, when we first heard it we fell head over heels in love with it. It’s an alternative to the more classic song choice, fantastic for modern couples. Sung by Labrinth, featuring the stunning vocals of Emeli Sande, honestly this can only be described as the ‘perfect’ duet. 

“Would you let me see beneath your beautiful
Would you let me see beneath your perfect
Take it off now girl, take it off now girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight”

Listen to the original track here 

You Are The Reason

A more recent duet, released by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis in 2018 the sweet harmonies are simple and innocent, giving the song charm and truth. It’s a song which talks about how far you are willing to go for love, ‘I’d climb every mountain’, and why the other person is the reason they want to fight for it. 

“I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
'Cause I need you to see
That you are the reason”

Listen to the original track here 

Perfect Symphony 

When Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli came together to record ‘Perfect Symphony’, they produced a track which was not only romantic, but also creative and elegant too. Blending the original English lyrics with Bocelli’s Italian vocals creates beautiful harmonies for your first dance. This song has a really ‘warm’ family feeling. Why not watch the official video to see how Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli recorded it, we can’t stop watching it? 

“Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight”

Listen to the original track here 

Crazy in Love 

If you love upbeat, contemporary R&B pop music, this duet between Beyonce and JAY Z should  have a place in on your wedding music playlist. It’s been labelled a ‘classic’ and thought to have ‘got even better over the years’. In fact, this song sounds great as an instrumental, slowed down as you walk down the aisle or performed faster as you exit your wedding ceremony (recessional). 

“I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave, I'm begging you not to go
Call your name two or three times in a row
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
'Cause I know I don't understand
Just how your love can do what no one else can”

Listen to the original track here 


This is a duet we wrote and performed, inspired by love and friendship between couples we are lucky enough to meet and play for. It’s called ‘Always’ and talks about how the other person is everything they need. 

“Waiting for you to arrive at the door,
Bridesmaids with flowers as you take to the floor.
Friends are all gathered and family is waiting,
But my eyes are always on you.”

Listen to the original track here

Can I have a duet played at my wedding? 

If you have a favourite duet and would love us to play it at your wedding, just ask us about it here Or, if you would like for us to write something specially for you, we would love to create something new for your wedding day!

What is a USP [Unique Selling Point]?

Before we started this process, we hadn’t really got the essence of what is unique about us, 2 of Harps.  Now we totally understand that a USP is, what makes you – you or in our case ‘us’. What makes us stand out from the other music professionals. 

We really took our time, and totally enjoyed searching for what is our USP, and found that, in fact, it’s not only about being in a duo: two harps and two voices, that makes us unique, but it is also the music we create together. We create a truly unique sound, that is deep, rich, soulful and has lilting melodies. By beautifully arranging, writing timeless instrumental-acoustic and vocals we create the most stunning, uplifting and ambient music for your wedding. 

If you are keen to add layers of uniqueness to your wedding or special event, please complete our online enquiry form and let’s arrange to meet to discuss how we (Karina and Adel), can together play some unique music to entertain your guests. 

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