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Top Tips for your perfect Lincolnshire Wedding

Are you getting married in Lincolnshire? 

(Even if you aren’t) this blog is full of amazing ideas to make your wedding the most memorable and amazing day of your life! Get comfy and enjoy…

What type of venue should I choose for my big day in Lincolnshire?

In Lincolnshire you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding venues, whether you dream of a castle or a teepee festival themed wedding, there is a perfect location for everyone.  With many different venues to suit all different types of budgets you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your dream big day.  

1. When choosing a venue think about the budget! This is the best place to start, as it can help narrow down options and keep your wedding budget on the right track! 

2. If you are choosing a venue that has a ‘package option’, make sure to double check any hidden costs, as extras can sneak up on you… eventually adding up do a hefty price tag that you weren’t expecting! 

3. The number of guests that you will be inviting plays a huge role in the size of venue, so you may want to think about this BEFORE visiting venues in person. 

4. Food and drink. Look at the food that the venue offers. (Some venues are self catering only). In our opinion, food is on the priority list, as this is one of the main components of your big day.  Drinks are also something to think about, most weddings have a welcome drink, a drink for the reception (often served with canapés) and a couple of bottles of wine at each table for the wedding breakfast (your main meal). A glass of champagne or Prosecco is also provided for the toasts during the speeches. It is quite common not to have an open bar during the day and evening (although this is up to you), and for your invited guests to purchase different drinks not already provided, at the bar.  

What type of styling is best for my wedding day in Lincolnshire?

Styling your wedding venue is such an exciting part of wedding planning. There are so many ways you can personalise your wedding day with your own choice of colour scheme and theme etc.  

The first thing to think about is a style that reflects your personality and complements the venue that you have chosen and build the idea from that. Thinking about what your venue already has goes a long way, you can choose to highlight key feature pieces in a room such as a chandelier, ornate fireplace or stairway. Also, why not match the colours present with your chosen colour palette! 

The colour palette shouldn’t be one shade of colour, but a colour wheel of complementary colours that blend into the aesthetic that you want. For example, if you are getting married in a Lincolnshire barn with exposed brick walls and wooden beams then going for a rustic vibe with a colour palette of brown, cream and baby pink is a great way to go. Then, you can add as many accents as you would love, such as sparkle or glitter to give that feeling of luxury, however don’t overdo it as otherwise it will turn out to look gaudy.  

What entertainment should I plan for my Lincolnshire Wedding?  

The entertainment options for your special day are endless! Budgeting for this at the beginning of your planning is crucial and really goes a long way for creating those memories. Here are some of our favourite ideas for wedding entertainment that we have come across during our years of being professional musicians…

  • Live music – this is an obvious one (we know!), but it is the best way to add ambience to your ceremony and the rest of your day. Getting a live band as your evening entertainment is one way to ensure that your dance floor is filled all night long.  
  • Petting Zoo – If you are having a farm themed wedding in Lincolnshire then having friendly, fluffy and cute four legged friends at your drinks reception is a hit. Not only is it great for any children attending your wedding, but also for animal lovers as well.  
  • Children’s Entertainment Table – This is a fantastic way to keep the little guests at your wedding well occupied and make sure that they feel included. Setting up colouring books, table games and bubbles is a great distraction and gives their parents a little peace as well. 
  • Garden Games – If you are having an outdoor wedding in the summer then having garden games is one idea to get everyone involved and entertained whilst the photographs are being taken. Having games such as giant Connect 4, croquet, Jenga and a Buzz Wire Game are activities that both adults and children love and will enjoy.  

Which type of food should I have at my Lincolnshire wedding?

Food is a focal point of your wedding day and is something that needs to be thought about at the very beginning of your wedding planning so you can include it in your budget. 

With so many options out there for you to choose from (all with different prices!), it really can be a minefield. Thinking about what type of vibe you want for your day is a good place to start, maybe you’d like a three course sit down meal or an informal assortment of food trucks… it’s completely up to you! Here are some of our favourite food options…

  • Hog Roast – One of the most popular choices in Lincolnshire, not only is it delicious but it is an option that won’t break the bank and work out really affordable.
  • Pizza Truck – An option that is friendly to all diets whether you are vegetarian or vegan there are options for everyone and it is sure to be a hit with everyone, I mean who doesn’t love fresh pizza.  
  • Burger and Loaded Fries Van – Perfect for that festival feel event with meat and vegan, gluten free, diary free and vegetarian options.  Plus no washing up at the end as cutlery and crockery are provided for you.  
  • Theatrical Pan Asian Food – Not only is this mouth watering menu perfect for any adventurous foodie, but it provides entertainment value as everything is cooked fresh right in for the of your eyes.  

We hope you found this blog inspiring and a good starting point for planning your wedding here in Lincolnshire! If you need lots of music inspiration to help with song ideas for your wedding day, why not check out our other blogs here… 

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