What are the best new 48 Christmas songs to play this festive season?

Christmas music is a very important aspect of the festive season, but year on year the same classic songs are played over and over again.  We certainly think hearing the same old songs can be a little tedious. 

So… we have scrolled through hundreds of festive songs and tunes and listened to hours of music to find you some more modern Christmas music to enjoy this season. Whether it’s for your family, as you open your presents or just chilling in front of a cosy fire sipping something nice and festive, like a hot chocolate, it’s all here for you to hear. Haha, no pun intended!

We have curated four Spotify Playlists for you so there’s really no reason to be a Bah Humbug this Christmas!

What are the best songs to play for a Christmas Party?

Music can either make or break any party, but especially so at Christmas. It’s so important to create the right kind of vibe and atmosphere. A tip for a great party playlist is to vary the tempo of the songs.  We recommend, not going for ALL upbeat songs. Changing it up gives the ears a bit of a music feast! 

Spotify Playlist one

  1. Christmas Ain’t No Good Without You – Harper Blynn 
  2. A Hand For Mrs Claus – Idina Menzel and Ariana Grande
  3. Candy Cane Lane – Sia
  4. Christmas Without You – Ava Max 
  5. Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Buble
  6. Driving Under Stars – Marika Hackman
  7. Let’s Not Go Shopping – Robbie Williams
  8. Make You Mine This Season – Tegan and Sara 
  9. My Only Wish This Year – Britney Spears
  10. Ribbons and Bows – Kasey Musgraves 
  11. Shake Up Christmas – Train
  12. Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson 

What are the best songs for Christmas Eve?

We don’t know about you, but for us, 24th December is officially the start of Christmas. There’s no better feeling than the excitement of Christmas Eve. Here are twelve tunes to put you in the mood. 

Spotify Playlist two

  1. Believe – Josh Groban 
  2. By Christmas Eve – John Legend
  3. Christmas Eve – Blossoms
  4. Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift
  5. Cold December Night – Michael Buble 
  6. December Song – George Michael 
  7. Looks Like a Cold, Cold Winter
  8. Maybe This Christmas – Ingrid Michaelson
  9. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber
  10. Oh Santa! – Mariah Carey 
  11. One More Sleep – Leona Lewis
  12. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande 

What are the best songs for Christmas Day? 

For us Christmas is all about the family, fun laughter and joy. So, we have banned sad Christmas songs! Here are some of our favourite fun festive tunes to play on Christmas morning.

Spotify Playlist three

  1. All I Want – Liam Payne
  2. All I Want For Christmas – LOONA
  3. Christmas Lights – Coldplay
  4. All My Christmases – Jillian Edwards
  5. Cozy Little Christmas – Katy Perry 
  6. Goodbye England – Laura Marling
  7. I’s Going to be a Cold Winter – Blossoms
  8. Like it’s Christmas – Jonas Brothers
  9. Mistletoe – Colbie Caillat 
  10. Snow in California – Araina Grande
  11. The Christmas Song – The Ravonettes 
  12. You Make It Feel Like Christmas – Gwen Stefani 

What are the best songs for Christmas Dinner? 

The trick to perfect dinner music is the right balance of volume, but also the right songs to set the right mood and tempo. We recommend nothing too rowdy or with a heavy beat that makes conversation difficult. Here are some brilliant Christmas songs and acoustic tunes to play in the background whilst tucking into your Christmas dinner. 

Spotify Playlist four

  1. Christmas in April – Andrew Bird
  2. Christmas in New York – Lea Michele 
  3. Softly it Snows – Stefan Truyman 
  4. Christmas Blues – Sabrina Claudio
  5. Christmas in the Room – Sufjan Stevens
  6. Christmas Song – Phoebe Bridgers 
  7. Christmas When You Were Mine – Taylor Swift 
  8. Na tennes tusen julelys – Eva Weel Skram 
  9. I Need You Christmas – Jonas Brothers
  10. Light of the World – Lauren Diagle
  11. Christmas Kiss – Jetty Rae
  12. That’s Christmas To Me – Pentatonix 

Now all that’s left for us to do is wish all our readers A Very Merry Christmas from 2 of Harps!

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