How do I make a personal playlist for my wedding day?

If you’re getting married and want to plan your own wedding music but aren’t sure where to start, this blog is for you.  

We thought we would write this blog after years of playing the harps, singing and performing as professional musicians for many weddings. It might come as a surprise to learn that we have found that many couples really struggle to plan their wedding music playlist.  This is because it’s not just knowing the songs to choose, but also where and when to play them during your wedding day. It really can be pretty daunting, but we’re here to help, so find a comfy seat and continue reading…

Why should I choose music for my special day?

You’re walking down the aisle, and SHOCK HORROR, your least favourite song, starts playing. Just imagine! To avoid moments like this, you should spend some quality time choosing songs you’d like played on your wedding day. 

Choosing music that’s special and personal makes such a difference on your wedding day. Despite it taking some of your time both choosing and then eliminating tracks, it’s really worth the effort. Tailoring your music choices to you and your guests’ musical preferences can make for an extra special touch. 

Where do I start with planning the music for my wedding day?

When planning your wedding music, initially consider the types of music you and your partner like. It is always a great place to start. 

There are so many places you can get inspiration for your music playlist:

  • songs from your favourite films or TV series
  • songs you love dancing to 
  • a song that was playing when you first met
  • your favourite musicals 
  • a piece of music your parents had at their wedding 
  • music from one of the royal weddings 
  • your engagement song
  • the music you shower to
  • the music you listen to (loud) and sing along to in your car.

The list is endless, and really, anything goes as long as it’s personal to you!

If you are stuck for song and music ideas, have a read of our other blogs, or check out this blog which features an incredible 400 top tunes for every wedding. 

What type of music should I have for the seating of our guests?

We believe the ‘seating-your-guests’ music should create a relaxing and anticipatory atmosphere before the ceremony begins.  This is where we recommend including some of your favourite instrumental tracks. 

These could include contemporary classical tracks from artists such as Yiruma https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj16_sROSTrwMSWW88fOJeg and Ludovico Einaudi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQxsahIsaO7_nDwVlFRMQiA

Including instrumental film score music is another excellent option to help create that relaxing and classy vibe.  

Why not include a Trigger Song?

What is a trigger song we hear you say?  This is usually lined up as the last track on your ‘seating-your-guests’ playlist.  It’s the track just before you or your partner walk down the aisle that tells each other that it’s time to exchange your rings.  This should be a track that both of you know and love that helps build the anticipation for the big moment. 

Which track should I choose for walking up the aisle?

Walking up the aisle is such a special moment and one of the most essential parts of your whole day around which everything else is timed.  At 2 of Harps, we recommend choosing a song that means something to you and perhaps the person walking you down the aisle, e.g. a father and daughter track. Or if you prefer something more traditional – popular classical music can be a great option, such as Pachelbel’s Canon. 

If you cannot find the perfect track for you, then browse the web for the best walking down the aisle songs. There are plenty of blogs out there to give you some inspiration.

Here’s a blog we wrote for Pretty and Punk Wedding Blog… “The perfect songs for your wedding harpist” https://whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com/wedding-song-ideas-harpist/ 

How many songs should I include for the signing of the registration certificate?

If you plan on live music for your wedding ceremony, then we recommend that you have just two tracks that you really want to hear.  The first track of these can be vocal. Then we recommend an instrumental second track as it can be extended or finished early depending on how long the signing of the register or certificate takes. 

However, if you have recorded music during your ceremony, we recommend that you include three tracks.  This ensures that you don’t run out of music and have an awkward atmosphere whilst your guests are waiting for you or someone is taking a long-time taking pictures of you both.  This music shouldn’t be too loud as the registers might want to make announcements throughout. 


What track should we have when exiting the ceremony area?

This is another essential part of your wedding day, so the choice should be considered carefully. 

We think that choosing your favourite upbeat track that you have as a couple is a great idea.  It can be a track that encourages you to punch the air or thrust your bouquet in the air.  It should be a track that gets everyone’s mood lifted as guests will be clapping and cheering for you, the newlyweds.  

We have found that as you and your guests make your way to the drinks reception area for the exit song, something upbeat with a happy vibe works best. The music choice should be a reflection of the moment. 

Here are a few of our favourite wedding blogs about recessional (walking back down the aisle) songs…


What type of music should I choose for our drinks reception?

We believe the songs or tracks you choose for your drinks reception should encompass a mixture of styles and genres.  The pieces of music need to be songs that both you and your guests will recognise and enjoy. This is important for either live or recorded music, as it will add variety and personality to this part of your day.

Opting to book live music for your wedding reception can be a great addition whilst you enjoy drinks and canapés and have your photos taken. Asking your musician to play a combination of styles such as showstoppers, pop, rock, and family favourites will create an effortless atmosphere boost.

Which songs should I choose for the wedding breakfast?

If you have live music for your wedding breakfast on an acoustic instrument such as the harp, we recommend choosing something relaxing and laid back for your wedding breakfast.  Live music can be a great source of entertainment for your family and friends.  It can make the wedding breakfast’s atmosphere really special and set everyone up for the party in the evening. 

Top Tip!

If you choose to play recorded music during your meal, make sure to set the right level of sound, so you and your guests can talk across tables easily without having to raise your voices. The relaxed atmosphere should not be spoilt by upbeat anthems; these should be saved for the party and dancing!  

Where can I find more ideas to help me plan my wedding music?

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you have found it helpful in planning your wedding music. If you need more tips, inspiration, and advice, then head here to read more of our blogs to help you create the best wedding day EVER or drop us a line, as we love ‘chatting’ all things music! 


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