Can a Harpist play anything other than classical music for my wedding ceremony?

What music can be played on the harp?

It might surprise some people to learn that, most types of music can be played on the harp. In fact, the harp is a very versatile instrument and all sorts of genres work really well played on it. The music you have at your wedding is really up to you and depends on your personal taste and the ages of the guests that you have invited.  

Every harpist has their own style of music that they play, so choosing the harpist that best suits you, your day and your music tastes are important. By having a varied music repertoire from folk, pop, rock, jazz, contemporary classical and other genres, we give you a great choice of music.   

But if you find it hard to decide or need some more ideas about what music to put on your music play list, for your big day, here are some great tips. 

What type of music should I choose for the seating of the guests?

The music you choose, whilst your guests are being seated and waiting for your arrival, can create a memorable experience and gives you an opportunity to curate an absolutely personalised playlist. It’s a great opportunity to show how much time and thought you have put into planning your big day. Choosing music that is personal to you is important, because you will know what tempo and vibe your guests will experience. 

Take a seat….

You may want to consider having different genres of music that not only include all your guests but songs and music they will be able to recognise.  Here are some great ideas for ‘seating your guests’ music:

• Romantic classic ballads and musical theatre songs would make a great addition to ‘seating your guests’ playlist as most people have listened to these genres or heard on the radio and enjoy 

• Pop songs and alternative modern music can be ideal to add in too. Your younger guests will know all the tunes and appreciate the unique twist on them being played on the harps

• Disney tunes can be a fantastic choice for the little guests as well as your older guests (or anyone who just can’t get enough of Disney), at your wedding. Pretty much everyone loves hearing all their favourite songs and can sing (and sometimes dance!) along to them. 

Can I choose anything I want for when I walk down the aisle?

Yes! This is the one of the most special part of your day and is a moment that should be personal and unique to you. At a church ceremony, you can have any music you want as long as it is respectful to the nature of the service.  

For civil ceremonies (a ceremony held at your wedding venue, or the Registrar’s Office), you must ensure that your music has no religious connotation, due to their licensing regulations. Apart from that, you are free to choose whichever piece of music you want. 

Adel says, “We recommend you choose a piece of music that is special to you both. Even if you think “Oh, I don’t think that’ll work on the harp”, nine out of ten times it does! Our couples have walked down to such a variety of music, from Pachelbel’s Canon to alternative, indie and rock songs. If we don’t have the music you really want for your entrance in our current repertoire, you will be pleased to read, we will learn it especially for you and will enjoy doing so. We love discovering music we are not aware of. We both know, having a personal song or piece of music, can make your aisle entrance so much more special.”

What about music for the signing of the register? 

Usually, for the signing of the register, you will need to choose a minimum of three pieces of music that both you and your partner love. These can be songs with a special meaning – music that you both enjoy listening to, or a song for some of your family members.  But, these should be more background music as you will need to concentrate but also keep your guests in the moment, whilst you and your witnesses are signing the paperwork and your guests are taking your photos. 

Karina says, “We know what a difference-making your own music choices makes to the wedding day. That’s why, when you come to your meeting and you’re not sure of what music to choose, we guide you, rather than give you music we both like and would listen to, because what we would pick might not be your choice. We think it’s so much more fun to create your music playlist when it’s YOUR ideas!”

What about recessional music for walking back down the aisle? 

When you choose your exit music, for when you and your partner walk back down the aisle and head for your group shots and cocktail hour.  

Close your eyes and imagine that you are now married, and the Vicar, Registrars or Celebrant etc have just announced that you are newlyweds. It’s time to walk back down the aisle – this time together. People are clapping, cheering, whistling and beaming at you. Now it’s your turn to become a movie producer! Think about whether your music choice will fit the scene! 

Here are three of our top tips to bear in mind for choosing your music. We recommend you choose:

  1. A celebratory track that will give your guests a great vibe to take with them for the rest of the day, as they move from the wedding ceremony to the drink’s reception.
  2. A song or piece of music that is a bit of a crowd-pleasing track, so everyone can enjoy it. Can you sing along to it? Do you know the words, and will your guests know it? These are just some of the questions that you should consider. 
  3. Something that is upbeat, so everyone can leave the ceremony full of positive energy.

We can’t wait to meet you and hear your ideas…..

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Adel and Karina 

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