2 of Harps Music in Lockdown

At 2 of harps, whilst this has been a challenging time, the lockdowns have enabled us the space to develop both creatively and personally. Here are the top questions about our lives during lockdown and how we have been keeping busy. 

In your opinion what is the best thing for 2 of harps, that has come out of lockdown?

Adel said, “Lockdown has allowed us to compose more of our original music. Plus, because we haven’t been able to go out to the recording studio as often as we usually do, we have been experimenting with recording at home. 

I have really enjoyed filming our music videos and taking the lead on production both in the sound and visual aspects. Sharing the music videos during the pandemic has given us a sense of purpose and given our online followers some new pieces to enjoy”.

Karina said, “I most definitely think that the best thing that has come out of lockdown for us is getting recognised as professional musicians and artists. We have had some great opportunities to work with different people during lockdown. These have included radio plays from local radio stations and BBC Radio Kent. We have also been invited to play and sing our original songs for a livestream in collaboration with Visual Line Ltd https://www.visualline.co.uk/ and Magpie studios https://www.visualline.co.uk/magpie-studios which is really exciting”. 

Have you been doing anything exciting during the lockdown with your music?

Karina said, “Totally. During lockdown, we have been working on our next single ‘Basics’, which is one of our original songs, We have thankfully been able to record it, (between lockdowns last year) with Oz at Hidden Track Studios http://www.hiddentrackstudios.co.uk/studio.php and were really excited to film a really awesome music video with Visual Line using a green screen. It’s totally different to anything we have done before, and we’re really excited to have a brand new project in the works. 

The home videos which we have been self filming are really fun to plan, and put together with our home recorded tracks on the harps and a MIDI keyboard”

Adel said, At the beginning of lockdown we were inspired by videos on Facebook of people singing on their balconies in Italy, and sang from our balcony at home. We were really surprised when our video exceeded 15,000 views on Facebook! As a direct result we were interviewed on BBC Radio Kent and other local radio stations. Sometimes when we take our dog out for our daily permitted walk, people wave to us, because they recognise us from Facebook or our balcony sessions. Another exciting thing we did during lockdown was our Christmas concerts and Radio show in collaboration with radio Ashford”.

What have you learnt about yourselves during lockdown? 

Karina said (laughing)… “The one thing I have learnt is that I can’t eat as much food as my mind would tell me to. Otherwise after lockdown I won’t fit into my pretty performance dresses! On a more serious note though, I have learnt that spreading positivity through sharing our music online gives me real joy. Especially when people leave such positive comments on social media; it brightens up my day”.

Adel said, “I have learnt that my family is really important to me. It’s been so good being able to spend more time with everyone, and the pandemic has definitely brought everyone closer together. I think that in general I appreciate life more. Keeping myself motivated, positive and also grounded is now all part of my daily routine”. 

Which albums, songs, films, TV shows, books, podcasts, live streams, video games, board games etc., have been helping you get through lockdown? 

Karina said, “My favourite board games over lockdown have been Articulate, Rummikub and Cluedo. Playing games is just a great way to spend a couple of hours together with my family in the evening, winding down after a busy day in the music studio or crafting, and usually gets us all laughing. 

Recently, I have been listening to Adel’s alternative indie singer-songwriter playlists. They are so relaxing and a perfect soundtrack to have playing in the background whilst I’m writing blogs, typing up music on Sibelius, (a music writing software), and working on crafts for our recently launched online gift shop ‘Lets Shop Gifts’. https://www.etsy.com/shop/letsshopgiftsuk/ an interesting new business we launched as a direct result of lockdown”.

Adel, said,“At the moment I am totally obsessed with the series ‘Below Deck’. It’s just such an amazing way to escape reality – I just can’t stop watching it! In our household, it really is #netflixandchill … we love to wind down in the evening with a a good crime drama series, or really whatever is trending in the Top 10 shows. However, the auto play of the next episode is totally lethal!”

Karina said “I don’t know why we haven’t done it before, but we recently joined TikTok. (Follow us here @its2ofharps https://www.tiktok.com/@its2ofharps?lang=en) It’s an amazing platform to connect with other musicians and just be part of an online community that shares a passion for music, just like we do. It’s something that’s fun whilst also giving us new genres and material to experiment with. Sea Shanties anyone?”

Why not check out some of the videos we have self-filmed during the pandemic by watching our lockdown series here 

Can you tell us a little bit more about your online shop and what inspired you to do something completely different?

Adel said, “The idea for our online gift shop ‘Lets Shop Gifts’ was born whilst Karina and I were sitting on the beach outside our house last summer. I remember it was such a warm day, and we had both just had a swim. It was great. Karina jokingly said to me, “I’m going to be as rich as Mark Zuckerburg.” We both laughed at the idea!

We both love shopping in boutiques and independent shops for gifts, and were chatting about what we could buy each other on Amazon (a default shopping site). Neither of us had any inspiration, so that’s how Lets Shop Gifts turned from an idea into a business. We ‘set up shop’ on Etsy (a platform we both LOVE) and our own website and were over the moon when our trademark was approved. Yes! 

Karina said, “Our concept was to launch a brand that sold items we would both love to buy if we were shopping for gifts. It’s a passion and something we love working on. And because of that, I think that’s why it’s such a success. Recently we celebrated our 100th sale!”

Visit our online gift shop here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LetsShopGiftsUK  

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