How Can I Legally Organise an Elopement Wedding?

2 of Harps answer your elopement wedding questions

As harpists, we both love weddings. There are so many different types of weddings, but for us there is nothing more intimate and romantic that an elopement wedding.  And they are close to our heart as this is what our parents did! 

In this blog, we’d love to answer some of the questions you may have about planning your elopement wedding music and share some elopement inspiration with you. 

What is an elopement wedding? 

Unlike many years ago, when eloping was thought of as running away and not telling your friends and family, it is now a modern and romantic way to celebrate your wedding day. It’s perfect if you’re dreaming of an intimate ‘mini’ wedding with a couple of your dearest friends, family, or just the two of you.

An elopement is an incredibly special way to get married because it celebrates your love and is just about just the two of you. It’s a chance to escape everyday life and spend your wedding day, (and maybe your honeymoon!) at a spectacular location. 

Eloping means you can have your wedding anywhere you can possibly dream of, without a traditional wedding venue, for instance, a beach in Hawaii, a beautiful nature spot in a national park in Canada, a local castle in Kent – we love E-Lope as The Castle Westenhanger is stunning, ruins in Ireland and the snowy slopes of Iceland. 

If you choose to celebrate your wedding by eloping to a scenic location, little set up, if any, is required, leaving you with endless options for ceremony locations. 

Something to bear in mind: 

If you choose to have a celebrant for your elopement wedding ceremony, you will need to also complete marriage legalities either before or after your elopement.

How do I Plan a Perfect Elopement Wedding?

An elopement wedding is different for every couple. How you plan your elopement wedding, really depends on your reasons for having a micro wedding, ideas about how you envisage your day and your style. 

You can elope anywhere, it can be local, or further away, maybe even abroad. Planning an elopement wedding can be just as easy as planning a traditional wedding, (if not even easier, as there are less people involved!).

An elopement wedding can be planned just like a traditional wedding up to 18 months in advance, or last minute.  Your attire can vary, and whether you have a religious or secular ceremony, is up to you. Plus, the money you would normally be spending on extra guests, decor and food etc. can either go towards more luxuries for you both, and a honeymoon! 

For more reading on what to expect when planning your elopement wedding, and how to ‘reveal’ it to your family and friends, have a look at this blog ‘14 Dos and Don’ts You need To Read’ by One Fab Day. 

Why Should I Budget to Include Live Music During My Elopement Wedding Day?

Live music is the perfect way to add a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, really enhancing your special day in a way that’s completely unique. Because an elopement is all about both of you, you can choose music you both love, without the worries of pleasing wedding guests. Having music just for you, is a special touch and makes booking live music for your wedding day even more personal. 

As you both tie the knot, it’s can be an added luxury to book a harpist duo as you walk down the aisle, or as you both celebrate the day with a delicious meal for two. 

How Can 2 of Harps Make My Elopement Wedding Extra Special?

As a multi-award-winning harp and vocal duo, we know just how to make your wedding day even more special and memorable. We love playing live harp music for micro weddings. 

We can play beautiful background harp music for:

  • Your ceremony, where you and the love of your life make your vows and sign the register (or certificate for celebrant lead ceremonies)
  • Your intimate drinks reception, as you sip champagne, enjoy canapés, and have romantic photos taken by your wedding photographer
  • Your wedding meal, (Wedding Breakfast), whether a candlelit dinner for two, or a less formal wedding picnic or our favourite Afternoon Tea (link to your blog). 

You may decide to skip the formalities of a traditional wedding; ‘the drinks reception’ and ‘wedding breakfast’. And that’s completely ok! As you say, ‘I Do’ and take in the splendour of your elopement location, live music can make the moment even more magical. A wedding picnic or outdoor meal for two can be extra luxurious whilst accompanied by harp music. 

We can provide you with a quote for your elopement wedding. Please drop us a message here, and we’ll arrange a virtual face to face chat with you all about the plans for your day. We would be thrilled to play for you and delighted to be a part of your special elopement! 

What Music Can a Harpist Play for My Elopement Wedding Ceremony? 

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, the legal aspect. We can make your ceremony extra special by performing:

  • a special piece of music as you walk down the ‘aisle’, (a woodland path, a candle lit walkway on a beach…), or as you prepare to say your vows to each other. This can be an acoustic harp duet, or a song sung in harmony and accompanied by the harp. If you have a song in mind, we may already have it in our repertoire, or if not, we are happy to learn it for your special day.
  • whilst you are having a few photos taken and enjoying a celebratory glass of bubbles. We love helping you put together your personal music playlist, which we perform on the day. After all gorgeous locations deserve stunning music, and there is nothing better than the enchanting sound of harps.
  • during your wedding meal. Romantic harp music gently playing in the background is the perfect match for an elopement wedding breakfast, adding a beautiful atmosphere. Wherever and however you choose to enjoy your first meal as a married couple together, live music is a must have for an elopement dinner as there might just be the two of you! 
  • for your first dance. Often couples choose a piece of music that is special to them both and this is a truly magical moment. Under a canopy of starry skies? No problem! Our small harps are perfect for beautiful and unusual locations. 

4 Top Tips to Make My Elopement Wedding Even More Memorable

1. Make Your Elopement Wedding Personal 

Choosing to elope might be more difficult to get your head around than you may think at first. Some couples feel like they are leaving out their friends and family. But, if you are eloping for the right reasons and being true to who you both are, it’s a splendid way to plan your wedding day. 

Wear whatever you both fancy and make it memorable. If a two-piece dress, or a sparkly catsuit is you, then go for it! Make it special and make it memorable. We LOVE these elegant and alternative wedding dresses by Catherine Diane. 

2. Pick a Stunning Location for Your Elopement Wedding Theme 

Because an elopement wedding is all about you both, make it extra special by choosing a location you’ve always wanted to visit, or somewhere you have never been. There’s nothing more romantic than exploring somewhere for the first time together. 

You could choose to elope to the most breathtaking location to celebrate your wedding. Perfect for your wedding photos! Here are some incredible locations to inspire you:

  • The Beaches of Normandy || For a totally gorgeous seaside wedding surrounded by sand dunes and white cliffs
  • The Isle of Sky || Sweeping mountains of heather, waterfalls, and jagged cliffs. Real natural beauty for a perfect wedding backdrop. 
Isle of Sky
  • Crater Lake in Oregon || This jaw dropping location really can take your breath away. Mountains of greenery surrounding a dazzling lake make for a perfect romantic elopement. 
Crater Lake, Oregon
  • Banff Lake Louise in Canada || This otherworldly looking lake has turquoise glacial waters and is backed with ice capped mountains. Something out of a painting. 
Lake Louise, Canada
  • Or close to us The Castle at Westenhanger is private, exclusive, and secluded.  Henry VIII was a frequent visitor who, much like us today, enjoyed the setting for the hospitality and entertainment it offered.

3. E-Lope

We asked Sam Lloyd, an expert in elopement weddings, who runs E-Lope about how to make an Elopement even more special.  

Sam Lloyd, The Wedding Owl said, “Modern E-lopments are on the rise, as couples are moving away from the more lavish big weddings, especially with the new Covid19 government guidelines, they want a destination wedding that is intimate”.  

She continued: “We love that couples are choosing weddings that are more intimate and private but stunningly beautiful, where everything thing is done for them and the pressure of planning the ‘perfect wedding’ is removed.

At E-lope we ensure that E-Lopements are so romantic.  The flowers, styling, wedding cake and décor are all organised, along with an amazing photographer Fleur Challis (link) to enable couples to share their stunning E-lopement with their family and friends afterwards. At E-lope we want the couples’ day to be amazing and perfect for their Instagram account.  All they have to do is follow three steps:

  1. Book their E-Lopement with E-Lope!
  2. Tell us about what inspires them so that we can get their extravagant décor spot on! 
  3. Turn up dressed and with the rings, as we do everything else!”

4. Food for Your Elopement in Kent with Touchays

Delicious food is a central part of the wedding day, but if you choose to use a venue that doesn’t have a caterer or you want a social distance party you’ll need to consider booking a caterer who will deliver and serve your wedding meal. A romantic wedding picnic for two, canapés and bubbly as you take in the breathtaking scenery of your wedding ceremony location… We love , Touchays is an award winning caterer who offer the most delicious Afternoon Teas and Food Crates that can either be delivered or collected.

Our Top Tip to Creating the Most Successful Elopement! 

Remember that however you choose to celebrate your love, it’s YOUR wedding day. Enjoy every little moment together and create some amazing memories. 

If you enjoyed reading our blog all about your elopement wedding, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @2ofharps if you are planning the ultimate elopement wedding, we would love to join you, and to assure you we can keep a secret….

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