8 Top Tips on How To Plan a Memorable Downsized Wedding (COVID-19)

Q&A with Adel and Karina from 2 of Harps 

We really want to share this blog with you, because, it seems large traditional weddings may not be happening for quite some time, and smaller, more intimate weddings are now the new in thing. 

Downsizing doesn’t mean you can’t still have the wedding of your dreams. With a few adjustments, and a little planning, your wedding day will still be just as special, and maybe, even more memorable. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top eight most commonly asked questions for planning your micro wedding.

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1. Should I Book Live Music For My Intimate Wedding Ceremony? 

Stringed instruments lend themselves to wedding ceremonies, with their elegant and romantic sounds and appearance, and harps are truly a match made in heaven. Booking a harpist for your smaller wedding, is a perfect option to entertain your guests and provide a relaxed atmosphere. 

To add that special touch, why not have a harp accompanying a singer, performing your favourite song, as you walk down the aisle. When we sing and play the harps for the processional song (as you walk up the aisle), it really creates a magical feeling of anticipation. It’s a truly beautiful way to enter your ceremony. A duo will take up less space and numbers than an ensemble (such as a string quartet), and is also more luxurious than a soloist. 

There are many positives to booking a duo, and we know that two harps are guaranteed to mesmorise your guests, and add that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding day. There’s also a great difference in the quality of the music, because two harps, like any two instruments can perform more intricate pieces of music, and sound more ‘rounded’, ‘full’ and just totally gorgeous. 

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2. Should I Meet My Musician Before Our Intimate Wedding Ceremony? 

As with any wedding, at 2 of Harps, we like to meet our couples virtually ‘face-to-face’ via WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet, and for us to find out about your wedding day plans. 

Even if you’re planning a micro wedding, a meeting with your musician is important, not only for the musician, but also for you. 

At a virtual meeting with us, 2 of Harps, and our manager Janet, you will be able to:

  • plan your wedding music playlist
  • listen to samples of different songs and musical pieces on the harps
  • ask us any questions about us performing on your wedding day
  • tell us a little bit about your venue (if we haven’t played there before)
  • arrange fine details such as timings, when you would like us to perform, your colour scheme, so we can match in with your wedding day look, and anything else you’d like us to know about
  • tell us about pieces of music that are important to you both, or your friends and family, so we can ensure you enjoy hearing them performed live on the day
  • arrange a second meeting to listen to any music we have learnt specially for you, and finalise any details

When booking a musician, especially if like many of our couples, you have found them online, it’s important you have the opportunity to meet them. Listening to recordings and videos on the website, is different to music played live. Live music really showcases the musician’s personality, engagement with the audience and performing abilities, something a video cannot truly show. 

Quick links:

WhatsApp https://www.whatsapp.com 

Skype https://www.skype.com/en/ 

FaceTime https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/facetime/id1110145091 

Zoom https://zoom.us 

Our Top Tip

Before booking a musician:

  • get in touch with them and have a chat!
  • ask as many questions as you need, before making the final booking
  • arrange an e-meeting, where you can hear them perform live
  • ask the musician if they have any experience in performing for small, intimate weddings

3. Should I Still Book a Photographer For My Intimate Wedding? 

Other than booking a musician, we think that booking a photographer is one of your priorities, and a must for your wedding day, even if you’re planning a downsized wedding. You will need to include the photographer in your wedding guest numbers, but it’s really worth it. 

A photographer will capture moments of your wedding day which you can cherish forever, and share with your friends and family. You may ask your guests to capture your wedding day through their eyes with reusable cameras (a popular option) which you can develop later, or on their phones and cameras, but this shouldn’t replace a photographer. 

We have had the opportunity to work with some incredible photographers including http://fleurchallisphotography.com and http://www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk.

4. Should I Book a Videographer For My Intimate Wedding? 

The are lots of benefits in booking a videographer to capture your wedding day:

  • Extended family and friends who aren’t attending your wedding day, will be able to experience and enjoy your big day virtually. 
  • You can share your wedding day with guests who live further away, or abroad.
  • It’s a beautiful way to treasure and relive your wedding day for ever. 

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5. Who Should I Invite To My Intimate Wedding? 

An intimate wedding can be just the two of you, or you and a few of your family and friends. The one rule of a micro wedding, is to keep it small. Because of the reduced number of guests, think about only inviting those who are dear to you both. 

To help you decide who to invite here are a few suggestions:

  • Consider not inviting plus-ones to your wedding day, unless both are very close to you.
  • Remember, you don’t have to invite the people to your intimate wedding that invited you to theirs.
  • Being choosy is important. Due to the current circumstances, with the need to downsize weddings, make sure those you love are there to witness your wedding day. 
  • Have a backup plan, in case some of your invited guests are not able to attend. 

6. How Do I Let My Family And Friends Know About The Reduced Guest List For My Intimate Wedding? 

If you have decided to downsize your original wedding guest list, you might be concerned about letting your family and friends know about the change of plans. Phoning everyone may not be a viable option, especially if you have invited lots of family and friends to your original wedding day. 

The best way to let everyone know at the same time, is to send a lovely email or message, letting them know the change of plans. If there is someone very dear to you, phoning them first, before sending a group email, is also very thoughtful. If people are offended, remember it is not your fault. It is your wedding day, which has had to be changed due to circumstances.

7. How Can I Ensure That My Ceremony Area Still Looks Nice AND Follows Government Guidelines? 

Embracing the fact that you are getting married during these difficult times is the most positive way to make sure everyone is happy. Your venue, or wedding planner will be able to assist you with the seating arrangements of your guests and the position of your musician(s). 

You might want to think about little touches like:

  • using a pretty bottle for your hand sanitiser which matches your wedding colour scheme.
  • having personalised social distancing floor stickers printed in your wedding colours, that could include your wedding date and initials
  • having personalised face coverings made. If wearing a face mask is a government guideline, why not have face masks made in your wedding colours. You could even personalise each mask with the guest’s name, or your wedding date and initials.

Little touches like these can make all the necessary precautions seem nicer and more thought about. 

The latest Government Guidelines for small marriages and civil partnerships https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-small-marriages-and-civil-partnerships/covid-19-guidance-for-small-marriages-and-civil-partnerships 

8. What Happens If I Can’t Downsize My Wedding Guest List To Meet The Government Guidelines? 

The first option, although maybe upsetting and disappointing, is to postpone your wedding to a later date. In fact, it may not be so drastic as you might at first think! 

If you have already booked lots of suppliers; cake, caterers, musicians, a DJ, etc., you may want to chat with them about possible moving dates. This option means you will be less likely to book a date which your wedding suppliers cannot do, and is the best way to avoid disappointment. 

Remember, you’re not postponing your love. When you do get married, it will be a day of celebration. A time for all your loved ones to come together and celebrate your wedding day with you. 

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