How can I celebrate my wedding day at home with an unwedding wedding / isowedding?

How can I celebrate my wedding day at home with an unwedding wedding / isowedding?

During the lockdown, when we would normally be enjoying playing our harps, singing or playing the piano at wedding receptions, we have been thinking about how we could still celebrate your wedding at home!

We are 2 of Harps, the number one, harp and vocal duo in Kent, and we would love to share our ideas with you about having an ‘unwedding’, also known as an ‘isowedding’ during these unprecedented times..

What is an isowedding/unwedding wedding?

An unwedding is a very intimate wedding where it can be just the two of you and is an incredibly special way to get married. It is a way you can celebrate your special day, even when your formal wedding has been postponed and moved to a later date. An isowedding is short for ‘isolation wedding’. 

Instead of feeling disappointed, you can celebrate your day at home, whether alone or with a virtual wedding, where you can invite family and friends online. It has become increasingly popular to use platforms like Zoom and Google Meet which enable you to join lots of your friends and family online at the same time.  

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How can I make my un-wedding special?

Despite not being able to have your big day when it was planned, you can still celebrate it with an unwedding or isowedding, and as 2 of Harps we would love to share it with you. 

Your wedding ceremony would normally have a registrar or celebrant to talk you through your important vows. You can still do your wedding vows online by booking a celebrant to join you online or asking a friend to read the vows. That way, you can both still say, ‘I do’ in front of your ‘Zoom guests’. 

It is a great opportunity to really make your vows special and personal to you both. Just like a wedding you would normally have, you could choose to write your own vows to each other and ask close friends and family to choose a reading, or a poem. Here is a great website for finding your perfect celebrant https://www.thecelebrantdirectory.com

Confetti, have published a fantastic list of modern wedding readings , but if you’d like something more intimate and touching, have a read of this wonderful blog from Marie Claire

Karina, a multi-award winning harpist, and one half of 2 of Harps says, “Now that you have thought about the ‘formalities’ of your unwedding/isowedding, you can now focus on planning those special touches, like the music you’re going to have for, virtual ‘walking down the aisle’, whether it’s your staircase, your hallway, living room or garden path.  As  before Music is really important for this part of your isowedding/unwedding.”

Couples who have organised Zoom weddings, have taken this opportunity to talk with all their guests in separate Zoom Rooms. It’s a lovely feeling, being able to see everyone who mean a lot to you both, and catching up with friends you may have not seen for a while. Whilst you’re chatting to all your guests, you could invite everyone to pour themselves a drink (some bubbly or even a naughty hot chocolate if you prefer!) and have a virtual ‘toast’. 

Once your Zoom ceremony has ended – your isowedding ceremony and unwedding drinks reception, it’s then time for you both to have some delicious food. If you’re a couple who love cooking, then this could be a fantastic time to be creative and have fun, before settling down to your virtual ‘wedding breakfast’. Alternatively, you might prefer to order food from a local restaurant/ caterer who are doing home deliveries. There are many local businesses who will cook and deliver food right to your doorstep, so all you have to do is set your ‘sweetheart table’, maybe with some decorations or flowers to add that elegance and romance. Ooh, you could even order something sweet and tasty from a local patisserie, or bake your own wedding cake, who says it has to be three tiered!

After your wedding breakfast (evening meal), you would normally have some evening entertainment and of course, your first dance. At 2 of Harps we think that this is the perfect time to book a live musician who will play for you both, as you sway, twirl or boogie, to the sound of their music from your phone, tablet, or computer in your living room. 

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Can I still have a live musician at my un-wedding wedding day?

Adel, from 2 of Harps, who is an internationally acclaimed singer and harpist says, “Yes of course! Via Zoom, anything is possible. Booking a musician, like a harpist, vocalist, or an acoustic harp duo or pianist, adds that special touch to your day. Maybe you have dreamed about having ‘A Thousand Years’ played on the harp or piano as you walk down the aisle in your home, or a female vocal duo sing your favourite song before you make your vows, well what’s preventing you?”

You could surprise your other half on the day, or it could be something that both of you have planned together. It gives an intimate and personal feeling to your celebrations at home.  As musicians, 2 of Harps can tailor your music for your un-wedding and go through the type of music you want for your ceremony and that all important first dance.

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Can I have live music for my isowedding ceremony?

At 2 of Harps, you won’t be surprised to hear, we think that a wedding ceremony is not complete without live music, especially as you walk down the aisle, wherever this may be. Having a live musician perform for you online, is just like having them/ us at your wedding! 

For us at 2 of Harps, it’s really magical, to be invited to play the harps for your special moment as you say, ‘I Do’. The sound of harps being played is truly romantic, relaxing, and ultimately very special, just the kind of music you need to put you in the wedding mood. The planning process to pick out the right song for you both, to be played by a harpist, is really fun and we can’t wait to hear what you have in mind. 

The No. 1 harp duo, 2 of Harps say, “So you can be sure about your music choices, we recommend for you to have an online meeting with us on Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime, so we can talk through what style of music you like, your ‘vision’, and how it will sound on the harp. All our couples really enjoy these meetings because they get a taste of the harp music before the special moment arrives. It often makes couples emotional, and really excited for the time when it comes to the actual moment.”

Can I have live music for my first dance at my unwedding?

2 of Harps also think that, live music, a song you both love, sounds really magical on the harps as you have your first dance.  Karina said, “There are some really beautiful acoustic harp covers of popular songs which are perfect for your first dance, and some great classics which also sound stunning sung, or played as a duo, either on harps or the piano.”

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Adel, who loves arranging music specially for the harp says, “Whatever song you choose, make sure it’s something that holds a meaning for you both.  It could be from a movie you enjoy watching or watched together, say on a first date, a song you remember from when you first met, or an artist you love listening to together.”

What type of music can I have for my un-wedding / iso wedding?

Adel and Karina, say, “You can choose whether you have the music you were planning to listen to on your wedding day, or pick something more alternative, because there are some fantastic tunes which sound beautiful on the harp, and that are perfect for your wedding at home.” 

Here are our top four songs to play on the harps – a match made in heaven for your un-wedding. But, of course, it’s your day, so feel free to choose anything you like! 

Just You and I – Tom Walker

This song is ideal as it talks about being together just both of you, on your own.  Being alone together at home is something that can be romantic, it gives you the space to enjoy the day without having to worry about not missing talking to any of your guests.  This song makes this a positive thing and is ideal for your iso-wedding at home.   

Lady in Red – Chris de Burgh

There is a very poignant line in this song that fits into your unwedding theme perfectly. It is “There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me, it’s where I wanna be” as everything seems better when you are together.  

I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany

This is a fun addition to your un-wedding playlist which has a bit of humour given the current situation and it is also a great song.  This is a great contender for an upbeat first dance song and is something that under normal circumstances wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for a wedding day with your family and friends.

Here Comes the Sun – Beatles

This is all about seeing the bright things in life and it is a positive and uplifting classic to add to your informal at home wedding. This is a track that is a wedding staple and on your new date, everyone will know it.  

Can I have the same aisle song that I am going to have on our new wedding date?

Adel said, “Yes, of course you can.  It can add a special touch to your un-wedding ceremony and make everything feel more real.  You can have this played virtually live as you are walking down your aisle.  This adds a positive atmosphere and something that is good to remember when you have your formal wedding with your family and friends.  

It’s amazing to think that whilst we are performing an aisle song in Kent, the couple celebrating their original wedding day, could be anywhere in the world, and not just in Sussex, Surrey, London, or other locations we perform at! 

This is the same for the first dance, you can have the piece you planned played live online (super special on the harps!) for you to dance along to.  Plus, there is the bonus that you will have had some practice before your new big day without the pressure of lots of people watching you, unless of course you wanted to share on social media?  

Have other people had an unwedding / isowedding at home?

Karina responded, Yes, couples have been holding iso weddings all over the world, from Scotland to Australia.  This is the perfect way to brighten a day that could have caused disappointment and made you upset.  Even though the formal event is not happening yet, your love is not on hold only celebrating with family and friends is postponed.  That is why it is so important to celebrate this on your original wedding date, as it adds positivity and makes everything even more special when you come out the other side. 

Here are some couple stories of their isolation weddings at home…

Ellie Goulding surprises couple at their Zoom wedding 

Shyam and Zeena’s isolation wedding 

Mel and Jason’s wedding reception for two 


Valeria and Alexey in Russia celebrate in ‘style’ 


One of our couples, celebrated their original wedding day at home with an ‘un-wedding’ Disney theme.

So, 2 of Harps look forward to hearing all about your unwedding plans and how we can help you celebrate with family and friends from the comfort of your home xxx

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