2 of Harps, Pretty in Pink for Your Perfect Wedding

2 of Harps, Pretty in Pink for Your Perfect Wedding

As a family-run business, at 2 of Harps, we really pride ourselves on the personal service that we give to all our couples and clients.  We ensure that as musicians, we fit into your wedding day or event seamlessly.  

From matching your wedding colour palette with our dresses to you being able to choose every single piece of music that we play for you on the harps for your special day.  We work closely with you to ensure that we really go that extra mile to make your day even more special than you could ever hope to imagine. 

How do we style ourselves, 2 of harps, to fit into your wedding colour palette / scheme?

During your one-to-one consultation, with us, either face-to-face or now virtually*, we will ask you a few questions.  These questions will not only include the typical questions about you and where you met, and of course, what music you like and is there something in particular you would like played on the harps?  But, do not be surprised when we also ask you about what:

  • is the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses, for example pretty pink?
  • is the colour of the men’s suits?
  • you are planning for instance, is it ultra-formal (black tie), formal, semiformal or an informal wedding?
  • is the venue’s look and feel?
  • season is your wedding taking place during?
  • is your wedding theme, for example, Disney?
  • family traditions are you planning on incorporating into your big day if any?
  • style are you planning to have for your big day? 
  • We are genuinely not being inquisitive about your big day but will during your one-to-one proceed to show you a few dresses or outfits that we think might suit your wedding day.   

Bearing this in mind, you won’t be surprised to learn that our ‘wedding-dress’ wardrobe has grown and grown. With different colour palettes and wedding themes such as boho, classic, festival, glam, modern and romantic. 

To go with our pretty dresses, we have a large selection of shoes. For us wearing flat shoes for your wedding day is the best option, often because we have to move the harps through large gardens and lawns. 

So, we love wearing Converse https://www.converse.com/uk and Vans https://www.vans.co.uk because not only do they come in lots of different colours, styles, and tones but also some are sparkly, have glitter or even flowers, they are also really comfortable. But do not worry, should the occasion require, we have lots of girly shoes as well!

What happens if we don’t have dresses or outfits that match your wedding theme or colour scheme?

As a harpist duo, matching your wedding theme is important to us, as we understand that attention to detail is what ensures your wedding celebration unique. 

We love that after a live performance we often have guests who not only comment on our music but also on our choice of dress colour!  So, if you would like us to wear a colour that we do not already own, don’t worry we are young girls who love shopping and being allowed to expand our wardrobe of beautiful dresses every season.  Just don’t tell our manager!

How do we keep our costs down for our wedding couples?

We understand that you will have a budget for your wedding, which is why we do not charge you for complimenting your colour scheme on the day. To keep our costs down, we pretty much always buy our dresses online or during the sales period to ensure we can get the best dresses possible at an affordable price. 

We really enjoy finding unique dresses that compliment you or what your wedding party may be wearing. When purchasing our shoes, we always compare the prices between different websites and shops and then buy the pair that is the best price. 

This means when we are ordering two matching pairs of shoes, we might get the same shoes in our respective sizes but from different retailers. We love looking for outfits and making sure that they match your wedding.    

What else do you do other than dressing for the wedding or special occasion?

Whilst we love matching our outfits to your wedding colour palette, Karina and I, Adel, also love helping you to bring your vision to life with the perfect wedding music playlist.  During the one to one meeting when we are chatting about any ideas you may have for your wedding music; we use this time to also play excerpts of different songs and music.  We do this to make it easier for you to choose just the right ones for important moments throughout the wedding day; 

  • a song or music walking up the aisle
  • two / three songs or music pieces for signing the register where you will often have photos taken by your photographer
  • a song or music whilst walking back down the aisle together, (your recessional track), and as the guests start to make their way to the drinks reception area
  • as you enter the wedding breakfast (evening wedding meal) or for your first dance. 

It makes a huge difference bearing able to hear the music played live on the harp or harps because often it’s difficult when researching to find your special pieces of music played by a harpist on YouTube or Vimeo.

Once we have put the music playlist together with you, we will send a copy for you to keep. Remember, if you have chosen a civil ceremony (with a registrar at the venue, or at the Registry Office) they will need to know what music is being played during your ceremony, so please put this somewhere safe for when the times comes for you to share. 

The form you will fill out will have space for the song or music piece name, and who it is whether performed or written by. Here is an example of some popular choices for the wedding ceremony:

  • Canon in D / Pachelbel’s Canon – by Johann Pachelbel
  • A Thousand Years – by Christina Perri 
  • Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast) – by Celine Dion
  • Turning Page (Twilight) – by Sleeping At Last

Why do we do we offer this special service for our wedding couples or clients?

We offer this unique service for our couples because we believe that providing a personalised service can make your day even more memorable.  We understand that attention to detail is important as you plan every aspect of your wedding.  By offering this level of service we fit into your day perfectly, by helping to ensure that everything we do is exactly how you envisage it. 

We think that our music performance on your special day makes for a very upmarket and personal feeling. This is our way of showing you that we genuinely care and that we are always there for you. This is why we only take on a very limited number of weddings each year so that we can provide this service to all of our couples.  We are an exclusive harp duo who really care about making our music and appearance fit seamlessly into your day and making it an easy and effortless process, as we want your wedding to be truly your own.  

So, please drop us an email or give us a call and don’t forget to send us your Pinterest Board but don’t worry your secret boards will be safe with 2 of harps!

*Unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are holding all our consultations and one-to-one meetings via FaceTime https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204380, WhatsApp https://www.whatsapp.com, Skype https://www.skype.com/en/ or other live streaming platform. 

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