Exciting News- 2 of Harps have fallen in love with our new mini harps!

Exciting News- 2 of Harps have fallen in love with our new mini harps!

We have some exciting news to share with you! For the last couple of years, we, 2 of harps, have been ‘road testing’ our brand new 27 string custom handmade mini harps. As harpists we have had the most amazing time working with these incredible contemporary musical instruments and even used them on our Tenerife Sunshine Tour and ascended 77 stairs to perform at Borthwick Castle, in Scotland https://2ofharps.com/2020/02/13/everything-old-is-new-again-at-borthwick-castle/

What is the different between a mini harp and an Eos – 36 String Concert Gauge Celtic Lever Harp?

The mini harps we have been ‘road testing’ may be smaller, so much easier to handle and travel well, but importantly their design means the sound is rich, smooth and gives out an incredible volume, whilst surprisingly still retaining the quality of sound you would get from a  Eos – 36 String Concert Gauge Celtic Lever Harp.

For even more sound, the mini harps have inbuilt pickups, and an additional fitted pickup. This means, for weddings, larger events, big spaces and on stage, we can plug into amps, or a PA system without altering the sound. The pickups not only allow us to change the volume, but also give us more control about the type of sound our harps produce, i.e. whether we want more bass, resonance and the overall ‘feel’ of the music. 

What else do the small harps have to offer?

Because of their reduced size, we perform with these mini harps on specially designed and built stands, meaning the actual harp only weighs 5kg and even when attached to a stand, they are super light and portable to move, giving us more flexibility about where we can play during your event. 

When we perform with the new harps, we usually stand, so if your venue has limited space, you can still have two harps and harpist and not worry about how much space they/ we will take up. 

As the new harps are so light, easy to move and are on stands, they are perfect for performing outdoors. And if the weather changes suddenly – like we all know it can – we can pick up our equipment and move indoors seemingly without any fuss or the need for help. 

Some really cool features that we love about our new harps…

We love that both of our harps, that we play simultaneously, are made from the same piece of wood. 

Mark Norris, http://www.norrisharps.com the incredible harp maker, made our harps almost identical, in fact, they look so similar – and just like twins – without looking really closely, even we can get them muddled up!

Our mini stringed instruments are fitted with ‘Concedo’ harp strings. The real difference is the colour – instead of having clear strings, these strings are bright white. We love them, because they sound exceptionally clear and when we play on stage, or with different lighting, they don’t disappear when the lights go down. 

For a 27-string harp, they have a fantastic range of sound. Our harps have all the strings we would normally use on a larger harp – the top high notes, a middle range AND bass strings! 

What more can we say, other than we are so in love with our new mini harps, they feel right for us and our style of music and very much hope that when you get front row seats at your wedding or special event you will fall in love with the sound like we have.

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