What type of music can be played on the harp?

What type of music can be played on the harp?

There is no specific type of music that can be played on the harp because, (especially during the recent years), harpists have begun expanding their repertoire. This means that some harpists, like other established musicians and bands have developed their own unique sound.

At 2 of Harps we play a wide variety of genres, including covers of songs you may not have thought possible, but have always dreamt of having at your wedding. These range from contemporary classical pieces, popular music from the top charts, favourite romantic ballads, Disney and Theatre songs. Adel and Karina also play Blues, Jazz, Motown and Reggae songs, for those looking at something alternative and contemporary for their wedding day. 

Did you also know the harp is a wonderful acoustic instrument to accompany the voice. 2 of Harps are the only two harp and two voice duo in the world! Their beautiful harmonies, over the underlying tone of the two harps can bring something completely new and unique to your wedding day and will really wow your wedding guests.

Can I ask the harpist to learn a particular song for my wedding? 

At 2 of Harps we understand it is important to capture memories on your wedding day with music and words that are special to you. Yes, Adel and Karina can learn other music which is not already in their repertoire (which consists of over six hundred pieces).

Whether it’s a song that celebrates you as a couple with your family, or something that reminds you of when you first met and perhaps even your proposal. Maybe it’s a new song that you’ve heard which you would love to walk down the aisle to, we will ensure your music is perfect for those meaningful moments, all we need is a little time – time to meet and understand why the musical piece is important to you, time to practice and time to perfect – we usually ask for around four weeks.

Can I book a harpist for my church wedding?

The sound of an organ at your church wedding service can be very traditional and being honest it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. As a consequence, some couples choose not to have the church organ for their wedding ceremony. Because of this, 2 of Harps offer to lead the Hymns, both singing and playing for you and your guests. This makes for a less formal service and blends perfectly with your other chosen music. 

As an aside but whilst on hymns, did you know if you are getting married at a venue, it’s important to make you aware that the venue’s license does not enable you to include traditional hymns during your civil wedding ceremony. However, an excerpt of a piece of music selected by you is a beautiful and alternative way to capture words, either instead of, or in addition to a reading. 

Can I have a harpist at an alternative wedding?

Yes, you can have harps playing at an alternative wedding.  Because 2 of Harps can play the harp not only in an utterly romantic, manor but they have also had them designed to create a modern looking and sounding instrument, that can fit into any type of wedding. Whether this is a historical castle, a traditional country barn, boutique wedding hotel, fairground boho themed wedding or an outdoor festival wedding, their harps can either bring something truly elegant, or a little ‘quirky’ to your alternative day. 

Will the size of the harp make a difference to my wedding day?

The harp is known for being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With the stunning instrument coming in many different shapes and sizes, many people believe smaller harps can mean less and a poorer quality of sound, however this is a myth. 2 of Harps have different types of harp because it enables them to have the flexibility to choose what kind of sound they want to achieve when they perform, as not all harps sound the same, but also if you prefer the look of a larger, more traditional, or smaller harp we will work with you to get the best look and sound on your wedding day.

2 of harps have two larger 36 string harps called ‘Eos’, which is Welsh for Nightingale, and two smaller 27 string harps, made by the renown harp maker Mark Norris (to read more about the amazing Mark http://www.norrisharps.com)

All four of our harps can also be amplified through speakers, this makes them very versatile instruments to have for your wedding day. 2 of Harps can provide indoor and outdoor amplification for your wedding, which means the sound of the harps carries, and because the harps are small and easy to move they can be played (weather permitting) wherever you and your wedding guests may be. 

Is the harp for me on my wedding day?

A common question asked that we hear a lot at 2 of harps is, ‘Is the harp for me on my wedding day?’  At 2 of Harps’ we always answer; “Many people we speak to (and some who we have played for) have never even thought of a harp, or a harpist for their wedding or special event and those who have, often have a misconception of what a harpist is really like. Some associate the harp with orchestras, angels, or Disney and fairytales! As modern-day harpists, we want to offer you something completely different – an alternative way of experiencing live music from a romantic and classical instrument, yet still being able to enjoy contemporary, pop, rock, jazz and other brilliant genres on your wedding day”.

Adel continued, “There is something so exciting, when we see people recognise the music we are playing. It always makes us smile when wedding guests sing along to songs during the signing of the registrar, during the drinks and canapes reception or wedding breakfast!

One of the most important things for both of us, as musicians, is to make the harp accessible to everyone. Our repertoire is broad, so there is music for all ages and tastes”

Karina added “We are always happy, when our clients are happy. It is such a pleasure to receive exceptional reviews and testimonials after performing at weddings, events and concert.”

[17th April 2019 Facebook Review]

“Massive thanks to the girls for a brilliant performance throughout our wedding at Swarling Manor in March. The music was perfect and the fact you performed for so long was amazing. 2 of Harps were so accommodating in learning specific songs for the wedding which was amazing. Cannot recommend highly enough x 

Dominic Comins” http://www.swarlingmanor.com/

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