Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons with Adel | 2 of Harps

Learn how to sing through one-to-one online lessons with Adel from 2 of Harps.

Lessons for Beginner Singers

Discover the voice – your very own instrument and learn to sing. During your lessons, you will:

  • Learn basic vocal skills such as warming up and general vocal health
  • Work on technical exercises
  • Learn new songs and build a repertoire
  • Begin strengthening your vocals

Lessons for Intermediate + Singers

For our more advanced students, we offer lessons which include:

  • Broadening your vocal range, both your top and bottom registers
  • Developing technical abilities
  • Technical exercises to encourage healthy singing
  • Building a solid repertoire of different genres and styles of pieces

Lessons for Performance Skills

If you already sing, and would like to work on performance skills, these lessons are perfect for you. During your lessons you will learn a range of skills and tips including:

  • Putting together a good concert programme (for a range of events and ages)
  • Performance presentation
  • Tips for pro playing at different events
  • Skills you will need for a recording studio

“Not only super talented on the harp, they sing like absolute angels too. Their new album is beautiful.”

Christine Hood

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