Professionals We Work With

We work with a fantastic team of people who we trust. They are inspiring and have a flare and passion for what they do. We love their creativity and are all like one big family!

Videographer – James from Film Our Day

Profile picture of James Paul Smith, Kent wedding videographer
Hi, I’m James and I have worked in the media industry for over 15 years. I’ve collaborated with the best of the best in TV, film and online. My fiancée Rachel also films for Film Our Day and is a talented camera operator. We are experts in producing premier quality video content and decided to dedicate our skills and experience to Film Our Day back in 2015. We love filming weddings and both feel passionate about working with couples to produce a film that you will cherish forever.

Sound Engineer – Dan Lucas

Sound producer and engineer Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby leaning on mixing desk, black and white
My interest in recording and production work began as a result of numerous studio visits as a teenager with my bands. I have a pretty old-skool approach to recording, and prefer the sound of records where you can hear that the artists have been pushed to deliver a great performance, and the energy of their music has been captured. That’s a priority for me, capturing the essence of a band or singer. I like my recordings to be organic sounding, generally pretty saturated, and with plenty of character. I love to experiment with different musical ideas and recording techniques to achieve the desired result, as well as getting creative during the mix stage.

Musicians We Work With