Our Harps

2 of Harps perform with Eos (Welsh for ‘Nightingale’) 36 string concert gauge Celtic lever harps.

More information about our harps: 

The genesis of this 36-string folk harp came from a collaboration with the harpist of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales over 30 years ago. The aim was to make a harp similar in sound to the centre range and sound of a full size concert harp, which indeed it is. It has the same tensions and spacing as a concert harp and has a responsive rewarding full sound. It is ideal for for harpists who like the benefits of a concert harp within a folk instrument. All the parts of this harp are designed and made by Teifi in their workshop which enables them to ensure a high quality instrument.

Why we chose the Eos Harps:

The Eos harps are beautiful instruments and although they are smaller than a pedal harp the quality of sound is not compromised.  We love the elegance of these harps which are also sturdy and easy to move around.  They are ideal for performing in all venues and the resonant sound creates a wonderful atmosphere.  These harps are very versatile which enable us to perform a varied repertoire from Classical, Scottish, Traditional, Contemporary and Jazz to Modern.

Visit the Teifi Website https://teifiharps.com/