Our Harps

2 of Harps perform with two different type of harps

  • Eos [Welsh for ‘Nightingale’] 36 string harps
  • Mark Norris ‘Mini 27 String’ harps

Eos 36 String Harps

The Eos harps are beautiful instruments and although they are smaller than a pedal harp the quality of sound is not compromised.  Adel and Karina love the elegance of these harps which are also sturdy and easy to move around.  They are ideal for performing in all venues and the resonant sound creates a wonderful atmosphere.  These harps are  versatile which enable them to perform a varied repertoire.

Visit the Teifi Website https://teifiharps.com/


Mark Norris ‘Mini 27 String’ Harps

The small harps still capture the elegance and traditional feel of the small ‘lever harp’ or ‘Clarsach’, but are specially customised and designed for a wide range of performing venues.  The quality of the instrument cannot be equaled, with a carbon core, the overall sound of the harp is also enhanced.  These harps are also electro-acoustic, meaning they can be plugged into any amplifier, mixer or PA system without losing the natural, resonant sound of the harp.

These harps are ideal for intimate events, outdoors, and at larger scale events where a PA system would be used such as on stage e.g. festivals.

Visit the Mark Norris Website http://www.norrisharps.com/