Karina Destiny Piano

About me

Hello, I’m Karina! When I perform the piano, I have a stage name, ‘Destiny’, which is actually my middle name!

Playing the piano has been a passion of mine since I started it all those years ago and has a very special place in my heart.  I love the way that every piano is unique, has a kind of character and needs to be played slightly differently, to really get the personality of the instrument through.

Available to book

  • As a solo pianist
  • As a duo – voice and piano


Beautiful, modern piano music perfect for your wedding or event.

I want to share the music I really love, and the piano has a special place in my heart.  I aim to make music ‘a cool and modern thing to do’; this reflects in my style of music.   I especially enjoy playing acoustic covers of pop songs and timeless classics.

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Piano Music I love to Perform

Acoustic Pop


Contemporary Classical


Vocal and Piano Duo

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We love the social history of the piano, and how it became so popular in households.

The voice has been accompanied by the mellow tones of the piano for hundreds of years. It makes for stunning background music, and as a relaxed performance.

In fact, during the period of the 1700’s, it was more desirable for women to play the piano, for their family. Although, unlike today, they were discouraged to take up music as a profession.

Later, the piano became more popular with families who could afford to purchase one, not only for pleasure, but as a social status. It was often a symbol of wealth and marriageability for daughters.

As a pianist, I love performing and harmonising with my sister Adel, who is also a professional singer.

We are both classically trained and study classical and opera. However, this isn’t the only genre of music we enjoy performing as a piano and singing duo. Our repertoire varies widely with songs from genres such as pop, rock, and indie, as well as original songs we have written.

The combination of piano and singing is magical. It’s a perfect addition to your day, whether as light background music, or as a short performance for your guests to enjoy.

Not only that, but whilst you may choose to book 2 of Harps as a harp and vocal duo for your ceremony, as you make your vows, having Adel and Karina perform piano and singing duets for your drinks reception, or wedding breakfast (evening meal), can vary the music entertainment.

My Piano Journey

The Beginning
The start of my piano journey is quite funny! It was my wonderful harp teacher, who suggested it as a hands-on approach to learning about the theory of all musical instruments.  

Then, my manager enticed me to move from Scotland to England by buying a beaten up old upright piano from Gumtree – I don’t think this would wash now!

This piano become a faithful friend, seeing me through all my grades and exams.

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When I could upgrade, I travelled to Bonner’s Musical Instrument Specialist Store https://www.bonnersmusic.co.uk and chose a digital Roland FP90 piano https://www.roland.com/uk/products/fp_series/fp-90/. Perfect for performing and transporting.

Spreading the Love
The piano has become far more to me, than just a way to learn the theory behind music and this instrument is the key to me moving forward with my music career. 

I had lots of opportunities in my career and have been hired to play in many prestigious venues.

I now want to make sure that people can enjoy what I have learnt over the years.  And finally, another perk of playing this amazing instrument, is that I get to meet lovely people and go to some amazing wedding and event venues to perform on pianos across the country.