COVID-19 Pledge

2 of Harps COVID-19 Pledge

At 2 of Harps we love playing music live at your wedding, event or at a festival, but we  understand in these difficult times that we need to ensure everyone we come into contact is safe. Therefore, here is our pledge to help your wedding or event be remembered for all the right beautiful moments. Please ask if you would like to see a copy of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

*Please note, the below steps will be taken as appropriate.

With Love Adel & Karina

Live Performances 

Before the performance we pledge to:

  • clean any equipment that we will be taking into your venue, this will include anything that might come into contact with you, your family and friends, other suppliers and any staff working at the venue 
  • change into our performance clothes before we arrive
  • ensure we have a supply of wipes and hand sanitiser 
  • ensure we use Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE) as advised by the Government, such as gloves and face coverings. 
  • ensure that all used items used are disposed of properly after use or washed after each performance
  • ensure if we are performing on stage before or after another musician(s), we will confirm stage times to follow social distancing rules 
  • liaise with your venue with regards to onsite practicalities, such as who will be responsible for plugging into the electrics etc.
  • liaise with the venue regarding their COVID-19 Risk Assessment and will adhere to instructions where applicable. 

Travelling to the Gig

When travelling we pledge to:

  • ensure the inside of the vehicle we travel to the venue/gig is deep cleaned
  • follow guidance from the Government on the use of gloves and face coverings (and any other PPE) if travelling on public transport
  • clean any equipment before entering the venue if we are travelling by public transport 
  • be as hygienic as possible, if making stops en route to the venue/gig. Wash hands thoroughly, use hand sanitiser and wear gloves/face covering where appropriate 
  • not to touch any unnecessary surfaces when stopping en route to the performance. E.g. use contactless payments.

At the Gig 

When at the venue or gig we pledge to:

  • plan the moving (in and out) of all of our equipment and instruments, minimising contact with doors, surfaces and others. Ask for any entrance doors to be left open if possible 
  • liaise with and agree on arrival time with the venue
  • ensure there are no staff present in the performance area when moving equipment, setting up, packing down and during the performance
  • once our instruments and equipment is unpacked, remove all cases, bags etc. to the vehicle and will wear the necessary PPE
  • ensure there is enough space to maintain a safe 2 metre distance between our performance and members of the public, including all venue staff
  • when singing indoors to maintain a 3 metre distance as this is safer because singing produces a wider spread of vapour than normal talking
  • carry out the packing down of our equipment as safely as the setting up
  • check all items belonging to us are removed before leaving, including water bottles etc. so that venue staff can clean and sanitise the area we have used
  • ensure that once we have left the venue/gig, we will not re-enter the venue 
  • avoid any physical interaction with the audience and event guests
  • ensure that if we are selling physical merchandise e.g. CDs, the purchaser only touches the item after the sale  
  • to use a contactless payment system/Paypal.


When touring in the UK or Internationally we pledge to:

  • follow all our procedures set out for performing live, travelling to the gig, when at the venue and when returning home as detailed 
  • check any Government rules and policies which may differ from those in England. 

When we get home

On our arrival home, we pledge to:

  • clean any equipment, and instrument cases before putting them away
  • clean the inside and outside of the car e.g. car door handles
  • wash all clothes and PPE that we have worn 
  • Dispose of any PPE as necessary. 

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 relating to 2 of Harps performing live at your venue or event, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we also answer messages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and produce our own risk assessment if you need a more formal document for your wedding venue or insurance.

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