Basics – The New Single

“A song about relationships, parting ways, and looking forward.”

2 of Harps release their new single ‘Basics’. An upbeat acoustic track featuring the bright tones of their classic signature Mark Norris harp, layered harmonies and quirky storytelling style.

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Watch the Basics music video. Performed by 2 of Harps, sound recording and production by Oz at Hidden Track Studios and Videography by Visual Line. Makeup by Kailey Walker MUA.

Basics Lyrics by 2 of Harps

There’s something else that’s beautiful

There’s something else that’s magical

You’ve just got to go out and find it

It takes some time

Close the window open the door

You know I’m sick of metaphors

So I’ll go back to basics and figure it out

It takes some time

Cos there are no more tears left to cry

And I have dried my eyes too many times

I think it’s time to that we both said

Goodbye goodbye goodbye

Your words left me feeling reeling and cut up inside

The sky has cleared overhead it’s blue

Stopping it back easy talking to you

So I’ll go back to basics and figure it out

It takes some time


It was easy talking to you

Is it right to think we are through

Hanging on by a cotton thread

Nowhere to land this crazy jet

Look straight ahead